green gadget gifts for father\'s day

by:Tunto     2020-02-07
Father\'s Day is coming soon, but there is still time to buy something completely cool and green for dad.
Let\'s face it. Men like their gadgets.
Green gadgets offer some of the coolest technologies.
Our Father\'s Day gift list is full of useful money.
Saving, high tech, and simple and fun things can make your dad itch and can also make his friends jealous.
For outdoor enthusiasts of any level, Eaton Raptor is really essential. Its mono-
Charging of crystal solar panelsin lithium-
Ion rechargeable battery that can charge your mobile phone (via USB)
Power the Raptor\'s digital AM/FM/WB tuner, speedometer, barometer, digital compass, LED flashlight and alarm clock.
It is wind-proof and rain-proof, so it can withstand various factors including rain.
Speaking of which, if the sun is not that abundant, the Raptor can also be charged via a DC adapter.
We are just beginning;
The raptor packs several other beautiful features that Dad will definitely dig. (
Did we mention it could be used as an iPod speaker? )
Amazon has three different colors for about $122. 00.
The entertainment center, home theater and computer station should be equipped with a high
High quality surge suppression devices in any case, but these advanced power strips from Accell can not only protect Dad\'s expensive equipment from power surges, power outages or brown-
They will also end the ongoing, unnecessary power consumption known by the electronics at \"standby\"by mode.
\"The Green genius line provides clean, quiet power for the equipment when it is needed, cutting them off when it is not needed.
Its smart sensors detect when your TV or computer is turned off and turn off related electronic devices such as DVD players, receivers, and printers so that they don\'t stay idle for hours in a row
\"Always On\" sockets will provide continuous power to devices such as dvr and wireless internet routers that actually require power all the time.
Amazon offers it for $35. 00.
Military Solar Backpack-
The Grade backpack is equipped with 4 watts of solar panels and rechargeable batteries to store energy while hiking, biking, or studying outdoors.
The package is convenient for carrying devices while charging mobile phones, iPod or other portable media devices.
Eclipse Solar Gear is available for $159.
00PowerCost home energy monitoring if the father in your life is the kind of person who likes to turn off the lights, adjust the thermostat or do other frugal, energy-saving activities, then, A home energy monitor will entertain and inspire him in the coming years.
PowerCost energy monitor is simple to use, but features-
A rich energy monitor that uses a transmitter to connect to your meter with a clip.
The monitor provides real-time and historical data about energy use that can be used with useful online tools like Google Powermeter.
Now Dad will know which of his energy conservation efforts are helping which ones are not helping, all of which are done at the same time as saving electricity.
Sold at Lowes for $109. 00.
UFO Power center UFO power center allows remote monitoring and control of up to four connected devices via a smooth graphical interface for iPhone, iPad or PC.
With UFO, Dad can see how much energy each of his electronic devices consumes, how much energy each device spends, and can remotely turn off any individual socket.
UFO also provides visual feedback on how much energy is used as a light on the top of the unit, depending on the severity of energy use, will emit green, yellow or red. The U. S.
The UFO power center version is available from visible Energy for $99. 99.
Don\'t let this stupid name fool you, powermonkey Extreme is a solar charger and none of your dad\'s friends will get anything like that, which could be a safe bet.
This weather-resistant device has a super
Rechargeable Battery of the size, with enough power storage, can charge the iPhone six times.
The device can be charged from a wall socket by the sun using its solar panels or using a USB connection provided.
This charger is also equipped with a variety of different charging techniques, which may be suitable for most of Dad\'s charging techniques (And kids)
Gadgets, and is equipped with a convenient storage bag to start.
Powermonkey Extreme offers multiple colors through Amazon for $189.
95 plus freight.
Newton battery-powered mower could consider buying Dad a mower that is almost as green as it cuts grass.
This mower from Newton comes with 360 watts
According to the condition of the lawn, the one-hour Duracell rechargeable battery is said to last for one hour.
The mower is equipped with a bagging device and a cover plug.
Neuton claims the mower can handle even wet grass for long periods of time due to its super power.
Without worrying about gas or oil, space can be saved by folding up and storing vertically.
Moreover, it is estimated that the cost is only 12 cents per charge, which will also save dad some dollars.
The Neuton mower costs $399 for free shipping. 99 from Neuton.
Eaton public school Soulra XLThe Soulra XL is a solar powered built-in iPod base Speakerin lithium-
High efficiency, high ion charging battery
High power amplifier and eight speakers available
Dad can hear high quality sound anywhere he might want to go.
It offers beautiful tunes for gardening, camping, hanging out by the pool or grilling.
Available from Crutchfield for $299. 00.
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