guess who are the top 10 solar panel makers in the world?

by:Tunto     2020-04-18
After many solar equipment manufacturers have had to spare production lines or shut down factories, they are preparing to expand production again.
So, who are the top ten solar panel manufacturers these days?
IHS released its ranking Today. In 2014, Trina Solar became the largest shipper of solar panels, followed by Yingli Green Energy.
Both companies are based in China, which has dominated solar equipment manufacturing for years.
In fact, 6 of the 10 manufacturers ranked by IHS are Chinese (
If you count Canadian solar energy, there is a manufacturing base in China, although it is based in Canada).
The two largest solar panel manufacturers in the United States, the first solar and solar are also on the list.
The ranking reflects shipment data, including estimates for the fourth quarter of this year.
IHS noted that it did not count the panels produced by these companies for building solar projects, from roof installations to large solar farms.
The following is IHS ranking: 1. Trina Solar2.
Green energy in Yingli 3.
Solar4 CanadaJinko Solar5. JA Solar6. Sharp Solar7. Renesola8. First Solar9.
Hanwha solarone10
Over the past four years, SunPower and KyoceraThe on the list have really not changed, although the solar manufacturing industry has fallen into a downturn due to the oversupply of solar panels.
This oversupply has prompted big companies to cut production or put plant construction plans on hold, and has forced smaller manufacturers to file for bankruptcy.
A few years ago, First Solar not only closed large factories in Germany and cut production elsewhere, but also conducted a key self-assessment.
Review and pay more attention to improving its technical ability to turn sunlight into electricity.
Historically, First Solar\'s Solar panels are not as efficient as its competitors, but it does well in making these panels and costs much less.
But when Chinese competitors expand production to sell products at prices below fair market value, this advantage is weakened.
The United States is filing a trade lawsuit against Chinese manufacturers. S.
It depends on the pricing strategy of Chinese manufacturers and whether they have received unfair subsidies from the Chinese government.
The vast majority of solar panel manufacturers in the latest IHS rankings were also on the list in 2011, when signs of oversupply began to show losses in solar manufacturers\' financial reports.
The following is the ranking of IMS Research acquired by IHS in 2011: 1. Suntech Power2. First Solar3.
Green energy in Yingli 4. Trina Solar5.
Solar6, CanadaSharp7. JinkoSolar8. SunPower9.
Hanwha solarone10
After Kyocera tightened production, solar panel manufacturers, such as First solar, sunpower and Japan\'s solar Frontier, are preparing to expand as they expect more demand in 2015.
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