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How Puerto Rican residents can customize solar systems in China.

How Puerto Rican residents can customize solar systems in China.


How Puerto Rican residents can customize solar systems in China.

On the island of Puerto Rico, steady electricity has become increasingly scarce. Almost everyone needs a backup power system to support normal life. Solar power systems are relatively cheap and environmentally friendly, making them the preferred option.

Everyone knows solar systems are good, but how do you get a good, cheap system?

Here's one way to do it: import a complete solar system from China.

So, what is a solar off-grid system?

Solar off-grid system is a set of independent power supply system relying on solar energy.

The system includes:Solar panel、solar iverter+solar charge controller、storage battery and solar panel bracket.

Solar panelsSolar roof

Solar panel convert light energy into direct current electricity.

Second   solar energy storage battery

Energy storage batteries store electricity and deploy it when needed.

Third   solar charging controller

The charging controller inputs the DC electricity converted from the solar panel into the battery after adjusting it  according to the battery charging requirements. It protects batteries and solar panels.

Forth   inverter

The inverter in the off-grid system converts the DC power in the solar panel or battery into the AC power required by  the user and provides the power supply for the electrical equipment.

What can we do for you?

As a professional equipment supplier, we can assist you。

1. System design and configuration support。

2. Assist in importing various processes。

3. Remote installation support and after-sales support。

4, you'll get a more affordable solar off-grid system。

What do you need to do?

1. If you have some basic knowledge of electrician, you can install by yourself after obtaining our technical guidance.

2. If you don't know anything about electricians, you can ask local electricians to help with installation.

The equipment we provide is already a highly integrated system, basically plug and play equipment.

The construction requirements for installation are relatively low.

Don't be hesitate about asking us for details. The results are sure to please you.

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