ikea to sell solar panels in britain

by:Tunto     2020-04-14
STOCKHOLM—Swedish flat-
Packaging furniture giant Ikea will start selling residential solar panels in stores in the UK, the first step in its plan to bring renewable energy to the mainstream global market.
On Monday, the company\'s stores in Southampton began selling solar panels made in Hanergy, China.
The company says it will sell the products in other parts of the UK in the coming months. Standard, fullblack 3.
A half 36 KW system
Independent homes will cost £ 5,700 ($9,200 U. S. )
And will include
Store consulting, design services, installation, maintenance, energy monitoring services.
Steve Howard, Ikea\'s chief sustainability officer, told The Associated Press: \"In the past few years, the price of solar panels has dropped, so it is now a very good price . \".
\"It\'s time for consumers.
Howard said: \"For ordinary homeowners in the UK, solar panel investments will be rewarded in about seven years.
\"If you want to stay at home for so long, your energy will be free in seven years,\" he said . \".
Some retailers in the United StatesS.
Including Home Depot and Lowe\'s, solar panels are already being sold.
But in other parts of the world, consumers often study countless professional companies before buying goods.
Howard said Ikea aims to eventually launch these products in other countries.
It chose the UK as its testing market because it had the right mid-market mix
Electricity price level and government
Investment in solar energy is an attractive financial incentive for consumers.
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