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by:Tunto     2020-01-26
Photo: National Renewable Energy Lab, maybe on the roof of a supermarket in the suburbs of my hometown of Massachusetts.
Maybe in a high school in New Jersey or in a small town in North Carolina.
This is probably the largest solar garage project in California and is considered the largest of its kind.
But at some point in the past two months, a solar project has helped us clear an important milestone in renewable energy: the United StatesS.
There are now 1 million solar installations.
In addition, experts say it will only take two years to double that number.
What makes this milestone possible?
Perhaps more importantly, why does it seem trivial in just a few years?
It\'s not that the sun has just begun to shine.
Enough sunlight to reach the United States. S.
We use solar energy to meet our energy needs.
The reason we see exponential growth is in recent years solar energy. -
There are now enough solar energy for more than 5.
4 million-
It is the three-in-one of public policy, technological innovation and cost reduction. Pollution-
Solar energy is free, without the temptation of fuel costs and energy independence, and has long been widely supported by the public.
In part, as a result, policy makers at all levels of government have enacted policies to compete fairly so that solar energy can start replacing heavily polluted fossil fuels. Twenty-
There is clean energy demand in nine states and in Colombia, many of which have special incentives for solar energy.
Since 2006, federal officials have offered tax incentives for solar installations.
Policies that enable solar panel owners to reconnect excess power to the grid and sell it to the grid also play a role. Cities\' pro-
Solar policy is particularly critical.
By installing solar energy on government buildings, expanding community solar projects, and simplifying licensing, the country\'s largest solar city is at the forefront of the country\'s solar revolution.
In fact, 20 cities were just around the end of last year.
1% of the country\'s land area accounts for 6% of our solar capacity.
In response to public policies and strong demand, innovators are constantly striving to improve the efficiency and installation of solar energy.
In 2000, the average solar panel converted about 11% of the sun into electricity;
Now, SunPower and three other companies are twice as efficient as they were.
Another technological innovation is the solar tile, which is easily integrated with the rest of the roof.
Thanks to strong public policy and technological innovation, the use of solar energy is wider than ever and costs are falling.
Over the past decade, prices have plunged by 73% and by 99% in the past four years.
Even without subsidies, solar energy is starting to compete with conventional fuels in some areas.
One indicator of how these factors work together to drive more solar development is that four of the top five home construction companies now include solar panels in every new home in certain markets.
That\'s why solar power generation is likely to double in the next two years.
However, even so, clean energy still accounts for only 2% of the country\'s energy usage.
Far from its potential.
For example, a new study by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory shows that roof-only solar energy can meet 40% of the electricity demand in our country.
2% of solar energy is also far from meeting the need to slow global warming.
To avoid dangerous temperatures rising, scientists say, we must quickly and steadily transition from fossil fuels to clean renewable energy.
So we are celebrating 1 million solar installations, but there is no time to rest on our honor.
In order to keep up with and speed up the pace, we are working towards the commitment of the elected leaders to achieve the bold goal of solar power generation.
We are working to promote and defend effective policies such as net measurement.
We are trying to get solar energy on the roof and in communities like supermarkets and cities.
The progress we have made gives us confidence that we can take it to a new level.
Let\'s tilt towards it.
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