mississauga to heat pools with solar panels in pilot project

by:Tunto     2020-02-26
Swim in the swimming pool which is driven by it to make the sun cool.
This could happen soon after Mississauga Sharjah, which has started a pilot project to study the use of solar panels to heat the outdoor pool.
The lion club in Credit Valley is home to the city\'s first outdoor pool heated with solar panels, with the aim of reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
City staff will monitor the performance of team members and collect information to prepare for future installation of solar panels in other indoor and outdoor swimming pools.
It took a month to install, and the city is expected to reduce by 10 per year.
Greenhouse gas emissions are 7 tons.
In contrast, the average emission of passenger cars is about 4.
6 tons of greenhouse gases are emitted each year.
The city said the pilot project demonstrated Mississauga\'s leadership in the green initiative, aiming to transform the city into a \"net zero\" carbon use.
Ali Raza is a reporter for The missoga News and The Brampton Guardian.
Get in touch with him at iriraza @ metroland. com.
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