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polycrystalline solar panel for plaza Tunto

Polycrystalline solar panel for plaza Tunto

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Next, Tunto will present you with the specific details of solar light.Closely following the market trend, Tunto uses advanced production equipment and manufacturing technology to produce solar light. The product receives favors from the majority of customers for the high quality and favorable price.
Product Comparison
solar light has the following advantages: well-chosen materials, reasonable design, stable performance, excellent quality, and affordable price. Such a product is up to the market demand.solar light has the following differentiated advantages compared with other products in the same category.
Company Advantages
1. Tunto solar panel inverter price is exclusively developed by utilizing single touch-based technology. The R&D is market-based to cater more needs of specific business requirements.
2. The testing of the product is regularly conducted to ensure the high quality.
3. Guangzhou Tunto Green Power Technology Co., Ltd. owns strong product development team and brand planning team.

1. High conversion efficiency. The system uses solar panels with high conversion efficiency to increase the efficiency of solar energy conversion into electrical energy.

2. The system uses pure DC power supply to reduce the output loss.

3, the system uses pure DC power supply, there is no danger of leakage, the voltage is 12V, the human body's safety voltage is 36V, far less than the human body's safety voltage.

4, using high lumen LED lights, 3W led lumens to have more than 300, greater than the brightness of a 40W lamp.

5, carrying, the whole system does not exceed 10KG, it is very convenient to go out camping.

6, the use is simple, the system is connected by terminals, solar panels are connected by aviation plug, you don't have to worry about not installing, just plug in the terminal to use (don't worry about plug-in)

7, humanized design, there is a switch at the lamp head, you can switch the light, solve the trouble of turning off the system to turn off the light.

8, factory inspection, a system from the accessories to the finished product needs to go through multiple tests, once the defective products are found to find the cause of the defect and rework, the relevant personnel also need to make a deep inspection.

9. Perfect product traceability system, each product has an independent service code. Once the product fails, we can immediately find out the date of manufacture and the date of manufacture, and can accurately find out which line above which pipeline is out. The problem can better serve customers and promote the improvement of product and service quality.

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The material selection of the whole equipment is higher than the industry standard. The service life of the solar panel is as long as 30 years. The high-quality inverter and controller bring more stable system operation and lower maintenance cost from the root.

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Tunto off-grid household system is designed with the advantages of humanization, convenient to carry and simple to use, which is suitable for all kinds of electricity scenes.

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High-performance lithium battery and a high-quality controller are the core of the long-term stable operation of the whole system. Of course, the functions such as overcharge, over-discharge and overcurrent protection are also essential.

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Considering the maintenance and use of the system, the lifting ring and pulley design of the chassis make it easy to move the equipment. Who would want to carry such a heavy equipment for maintenance?

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A good solar panel contains a 3.2mm-thick piece of ultra-white matted tempered glass.The glass has a transmissibility of more than 91% and is not degraded by ultraviolet light. It can withstand the impact of a puck with a diameter of 25mm flying at 23m/ s.

Eva: the high-quality Eva film with a thickness of 0.5mm serves as the seal of solar panels and the connection and connection between glass and TPT, with high light transmittance and anti-aging ability.

TPT: solar panel back, with aging resistance, corrosion resistance, uv radiation resistance, sealing and other characteristics.

Frame: aluminum alloy frame with high strength and impact resistance.

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Product feature

Chassis material: material can be customized

according to customer needs.

Household lighting, outdoor emergency

power supply, MP3 player, radio function,

power supply for mobile devices.

The household power supply system is designed

for the solar energy independent power supply

all-in-one machine, this system already accumulator

and each kind of controller, MP3 player and the radio function, the output

interface design is a body chassis. It has good compatibility, stable performance,

high photoelectric conversion, safe and reliable, simple installation features,

is a high-quality independent solar power supply products.

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Company Features
1. Guangzhou Tunto Green Power Technology Co., Ltd. is devoted to developing new products, most of which are pioneers in the China market.
2. Guangzhou Tunto Green Power Technology Co., Ltd. has advanced production equipment and cutting-edge production technology.
3. Customer oriented has been the focus during the development of Tunto brand. Ask online! Tunto will continue to provide customers with the most professional services. Ask online! Guangzhou Tunto Green Power Technology Co., Ltd. has been consistent for many years, providing integrity services to every customer. Ask online!
polycrystalline solar panel is celebrated for its exquisite craftsmanship and full range of specifications. With the built-in self-diagnosis function, it can make sure the accurate data be delivered
Creative solar panel inverter price produced from advanced materials come with polycrystalline solar panel. Large LCD screen for clear readings and easy operation
Easy polycrystalline solar panel supports the normal operation of wide varieties of solar panel inverter price. It promotes a high chemical reaction speed
To be a more competent company, Tunto also pays a lot of attention to the design of solar panel inverter price structure. The product enjoys high resistance to vibration
polycrystalline solar panel has advantages of good quality material and special design. Low reagent consumption makes it stand out in the industry
solar panel inverter price Scientific design, compact structure, fine workmanship, stable quality, high quality, durable, long service life, widely used in dental hospitals, personal clinics, dental hospitals and other places.
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