Solar industry\'s silver usage drops as high prices burn

by:Tunto     2019-11-30
* Silver demand for PV fell Third * demand in 2012 from records in 2011, although solar panel sales increased by about 9% * Long-
On December 31, Shen Rujun\'s demand for solar energy and photovoltaic silver in Singapore was bright (Reuters)-
Soaring silver prices have cut demand in the solar industry by third from a record high this year, and next year, silver prices will continue to fall as nearly 5% of the world\'s silver supply goes to cost cuts.
Silver paste is a key component in a photovoltaic panel that is dotted on the roof of the House and the building to capture sunlight for power generation.
Silver prices have risen 9% this year, double since the end of the year
2008, forcing many panel manufacturers to reduce the amount of metal they use, although sales of panels are on the rise.
As a result, the industry\'s consumption of silver fell to 40 million ounces (1,244 tonnes)
After contact in 2012, the record exceeded 60 million ounces in 2011, and the rapid expansion of the next few years, the metal consultant Thomson Reuters GFMS.
Expectations that precious metal prices could rise by 38% in 2013 will only encourage the industry to cut usage further.
\"It suddenly doesn\'t count anything as a 20% cost to battery makers,\" said Charles Yonts, Asia analyst at CLSA in Hong Kong. Based on brokerage.
\"Since it doesn\'t matter, R & D engineers didn\'t start focusing on reducing silver consumption until last year.
They have had revenge since then.
\"According to data from research and consulting firm NDP Solarbuzz, silver demand declined, although solar panel consumption increased by 8% in 2012 to about 30 gigawatts.
In addition to rising costs, the solar power industry is also struggling to cope with overcapacity and falling product prices, as panel demand in major European markets weakens as the eurozone economy recessionary.
Trade disputes involving top panel manufacturers in the US, EU and China have created more trouble.
Solarbuzz said that the demand for photovoltaic in 2011 was nearly ten times that of 2007.
The median forecast for industry officials and analysts is 10% growth next year.
\"People are gradually reducing the use of silver, and this trend will continue in the future,\" said Finley Colville, vice president of NDP Solarbuzz . \".
\"As Silver usage decreases faster than the solar industry, silver usage will decline.
KGHM Polska Miedz in Poland. A.
In 2011, the world\'s three largest silver producers, billbilliton and Fresnillo Plc, contributed 117 of the total output.
According to GFMS, 5 million ounces accounted for about 15% of the world\'s total silver mine production.
Most of the silver in the world is from-
Other metal products such as copper, lead and zinc.
Since silver is the best conductor, solar panel manufacturers have no choice but to rely on metal, which means a long time
Long-term demand will remain resilient. “In the short-
In the long run, the solar industry is facing the problem of oversupply.
But in the long run, demand should grow steadily, and the demand for silver paste will grow, because silver substitution will not develop very quickly, \"said Carl Lee, spokesman for Gigasolar Materials Corp-
Based on the paste manufacturer.
Solar panel makers say an increase in environmental awareness is also likely to boost the industry\'s future prospects.
\"We believe that the industry has a solid future and will continue for a longer period of time --term to double-
Digital growth, \"said Ellen Kullman, chairman and chief executive of DuPont, a leading silver paste supplier, at a earnings call in late October.
\"It just won\'t happen in 2013.
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