solar laptop bag forces me up a scary, rusty ladder

by:Tunto     2020-02-03
If you live in New York, you might see something interesting coming up on people\'s backs recently: solar panels.
This is not common and certainly not a trend, but backpacks and laptop packs with solar panels are already in place and are in use.
Isn\'t that a bit impressive?
I recently tried out the Voltaic generator package, a laptop bag with solar panels on one side.
Laptop for all sizes-
I brought a 15-inch MacBook Pro, a notebook (analog --
Is the kind of recycled paper inside)
Several pens, a book, and various ropes in the bag.
Jeff Crystal from Voltaic told me that the solar bag should be charged in about five hours and provide about an hour and a half for my MacBook Pro.
Of course, computers that consume less energy can run longer.
Jeff thinks the MacBook Air can run for about three hours.
But you\'re already doing math, right?
It costs five hours for an hour and a half?
The effect is not very good.
This reminds me of the first point about the generator: It\'s really cool, it looks like it\'s coming from the future and people will ask you this as long as they don\'t ask you, \"Does it work like a dream? \", Everything will be fine.
\"To put it more succinctly, this is a friend\'s saying that he has a double bag: it produces more dialogue than energy.
Is this a bad thing?
Yes, the situation is not ideal in this economic environment.
Spread the news, but I have to say, walking around with this thing and being asked, I feel great ---regularly --
About the Sun bag.
Conversations inevitably evolve into chats, discussing how people are pricing their homes and solar power.
George Soros or others should pay people to walk in big cities with these bags and take public transport. Hell --
First Solar or some solar companies should do this!
Quite frankly, many people think solar energy is a joke.
Take my roommate as an example.
We talked for a moment when I got the bag to review: Me: Man, I\'m taking a solar briefcase home for review.
Friend: does it protect the file from sunlight by \"solar opaque cover and seal? \" (i. e.
Just a briefcase)Me: . . .
Friend: But seriously, can\'t wait to know exactly what it does to the sun.
Me: The power of the laptop.
Friend: Oh, it\'s really cool.
I will make fun of it all the time, though.
But that\'s great.
If the bag you carry with you changes the way people think and the way people think about how to use solar energy for themselves, it\'s cool.
I\'m not saying enough: it looks cool and not just Ecological
Geek commented. In fact, eco-
Geeks seem to be watching quietly in jealousy.
Commenters are passers-by on the street, a doorman on the subway and Marine Corpsthemed party.
But back to the original feature, I had a hard time getting the package to work.
I tried charging through one window and then charging through another and then email Jeff again.
He reminds me of one of the things an electrical engineer friend recently complained to me: if a battery is covered or obscured, the whole solar panel doesn\'t help you at all.
My window is not the most sunny.
\"Do you have a roof passage? \" he asked.
Go to the rusty ladder!
On a sunny day I climbed up the top of our building and passed through the newly renovated but still very horrible portholes on our upstairs floor.
I put the generator bag down and leaned against the chimney, mainly facing the South, not to mention.
Of course, four hours later, when I plugged my laptop into my computer, it started. Success!
Wonderful internet surfing for over an hour!
Look, this bag is not suitable for me.
Spend a lot ($499)
I don\'t have a convenient place to use it.
But it\'s easy if you have a deck
Barrier-free roof, office with killer windows, or something like that, you get more value out of it.
To be honest, I am now seriously considering installing fixed solar panels on my roof to power my desk.
Like all solar, this solar bag and other solar bags (
And more solar bags)
Will only continue to improve.
You just have to find the solution that suits you.
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