solar light tubes, tubular skylights - some basic information

by:Tunto     2020-04-24
Let\'s start by defining what a tubular skylight or solar light tube is.
It is a daytime light tube that brings natural sunlight indoors, mainly in place or use, in addition to conventional electric lights.
These tubes are also known as solar tubes, solar mirrors, solar tubes, tubular sunroofs, and solar tubes.
Solar tubes have been shown to increase exposure to natural light, which is very beneficial for those with seasonal emotional illness.
Replacing electric lights with the tube saves both energy and money.
They don\'t need an electric device, so it\'s the perfect choice for the bathroom and pool.
They also look artistic, making them the favorite of architects.
The most common tubular skylight uses reflective materials to amplify the light.
In order to minimize the loss of sunlight, the material must have a high reflectivity grade;
From anywhere from 98% to 99. 5% is common.
Can also be made of optical fiber solar light tube;
These fibers are usually made of glass.
In addition, these tubes can also be made with fluorescent lamps.
Using fluorescent lamps, light can be collected and then transported anywhere in the building.
This effectively distributes light on a large area without the need for sunlight.
If you want to know if there is any problem with just using the old one
No old-fashioned windows.
However, solar tubes use sunlight emitted from above, so there is more sunlight actually used.
In addition, the tubular skylight is much better than the insulation effect of ordinary windows.
For indoor rooms without windows, solar light tubes are an effective way to get light.
It can also be used as a security measure in high
Safe places like prisons
With cells, windows can be destroyed and prisoners can easily escape through them.
The use of tubs tubes allows light to be exposed to the battery without using Windows, which makes them an effective escape deterrent.
It is not difficult to install the tubular skylight, and the price of the tubular skylight continues to decline as the technology advances.
Federal and state tax incentives also make it more attractive to buy solar tubes.
Solar tubes are an energy efficient way to keep the light away from place and when used with electric lights they can be used as a cost
Save energy.
The tubular skylight is a natural light source that can shower the whole place with light without letting the sun shoot directly from the window.
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