solar panel demographic: who are they? [infographic]

by:Tunto     2020-04-08
Many people consider using solar energy to offset electricity bills at home, but few go out and buy the solar panels needed to take advantage of the sun\'s rays.
Adventure is a rare personality, so I think it\'s worth a look.
This handy little infographic from a block from the grid gives us a comprehensive perspective on who the solar panel users are and what power they are using this wonderful renewable energy source
Many statistics are surprising.
For example, many users are not the green revolutionary hippies we think.
In the past three quarters, they said they would not pursue solar energy if not for economic benefit.
In fact, most of them are not the rich we think in any case.
Most of them are in 70.
Five to 100 dollars a year.
So if you\'re thinking about using solar energy or making a living selling solar products, you should look into this chart in depth.
It really allows you to see who these consumers are and what motivates them to turn to green energy. Enjoy!
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