solar panels and wind turbines - build your own and save on your energy bill

by:Tunto     2020-03-24
Is it easy to make solar panels?
How much does it cost me to get the materials? Is it safe?
How much can I save on my energy bill?
Where do I get the material?
Who will teach me how to do it?
Hi, this is Dave Richards.
These are just some of the problems I get every day.
Now it seems that everyone is more and more interested in generating their own energy. . . .
There are good reasons.
With constant climate change, we face enormous challenges, which may be your reason, but we are also in the midst of the most devastating global economic crisis known to mankind.
This may be the reason many others
They want to save money.
Regardless of your intentions, you can benefit from it if you decide to produce your own free, clean, eco-friendly energy to power the entire home.
There are many websites that teach you to build your own solar panels and wind turbines.
Not all of them are good, however.
If you don\'t know which one to choose, you will go around the circle and even lose money.
Based on my experience in the field of alternative energy, I have gone through many of these sites and I have found that only a small number of sites have effective technologies (
See my website for the latest comments).
Answer a few questions above: it\'s really easy to build your own solar panels.
In fact, my 12 year old daughter learned to do it in less than two days!
This is also an interesting project for the whole family.
Most materials or parts can be found at your local hardware store, and building a solar panel can cost you $90 to $150.
Many of the guidelines I recommend promote safety.
In fact, I will not allow my children to help me build any power generation equipment if it is not safe!
When following the expert\'s step-by-step instructions, you can save up to 50% on your energy bill.
With replication, you can even \"get out of the grid\" in a few months \".
Yes, I did not pay a penny to my energy supplier
Thanks for my 4 solar panels!
Isn\'t it time that we little guys are also involved in protecting our resources and leaving something for our children and their children?
It seems that \"big business\" is talking about the topic, but never walks.
Shouldn\'t we decide on our own financial stability and save as much money as we can, rather than waiting for the \"bailout\" of the government?
Shouldn\'t we be responsible?
Will you be responsible?
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