solar panels and windows smashed in vandalism spree at reynolds school

by:Tunto     2020-04-07
Vandals smashed 14 solar panels and a dozen windows in Reynolds Middle School.
Losses that need to be fixed will exceed $28,000.
The cleaner arrived at Saanich school on Thursday morning and found that 15 windows were broken in front of the building and solar panels on the second window
The roof was badly damaged.
Saanich police believe that the vandalism occurred on Wednesday night when criminals used concrete blocks to carry out the destruction.
The $26,000 solar panel was installed four years ago by a donation from solar B. C.
Participate in school B. C. Green Games.
Seamus Howley said: \"They were installed as part of a project that removed two classrooms from the electricity network, students are also allowed to participate in the monitoring of energy conservation and energy use within the school, director of facilities in the Greater Victoria School District.
\"So the project is now on hold.
The administrator must assess whether the solar panel can be repaired or if it must be replaced, Howley said.
The windows have to be replaced, which adds $2,000 or more to the bill, Holley said.
\"Having to spend money on this vandalism is a serious waste of educational resources,\" said Howley . \".
\"I believe it will be frustrating and disappointing for the children.
On Thursday, saniqi police investigators looked for evidence or fingerprints at the scene.
The school did not have surveillance cameras and the police did not know if the vandal was a student of Reynolds.
No witnesses have stood up so far.
Anyone with information about vandalism should call the Saanich police station at 250-475-4321.
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