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by:Tunto     2020-02-23
Solar energy used to be a very expensive technology, but the cost of residential solar panel systems has dropped a lot recently.
The choice that once seemed like the future finally began.
\"Solar is one of the few home renovations, and once installed and turned on, solar will start paying for itself,\" said Mike Newman, manager of cleaning market expansion, a Philadelphia company, cooperate with enterprises to maximize energy efficiency.
In general, he said, homeowners can recover upfront costs in three to four years ---
Or up to 10 years or more-
Depending on local utilities, state and federal incentives, and electricity costs.
Now, China and other countries are producing low
Cost panel, prices fell across the board.
Technological advances have also reduced costs, says Newman.
The solar industry association reported in January that solar energy prices have fallen by 53% since 2010, and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory predicts that solar energy prices will continue to double.
Although the pace may slow, the number will decline in the next few years.
Companies that offer solar leasing allow homeowners to take advantage of lower prices without the upfront cost or maintenance costs and hassle of purchasing solar technology.
\"In every market, our goal is to be at least 20% cheaper than what utilities offer in that market, and sometimes we can be 50% cheaper,\" said dugen Olsen . \", LGCY Power is an authorized distributor of Sunrun, which provides solar leasing.
Jim Nelson, CEO of Santa Barbara, California
Solar, based in Solar3D, said it was time for homeowners to take risks.
That steep decline]
Price of solar panels
\"With the bottom, the instability of these economies opens the door to the opposite reaction of consolidation and stability,\" he said . \".
\"So the industry now expects that material prices will drop slightly in the next two years, down only 15%.
\"So there are a few things to consider here if you want to go to solar.
Is your roof too old for new technology?
Newman advised homeowners to assess the age and condition of their roof and the direction towards the sun.
For maximum efficiency, the panel should be installed where the best sunlight is received during peak hours of the day.
If the roof is too old, facing in the wrong direction, or blocked by nearby trees, the owner can choose the ground
The solar system was installed, he said.
This, however, brings a higher price because the installers need to build a structure to support the panels, dig trenches and lay cables that deliver electricity to the home.
Which type of panel is correct?
Most solar power generation systems convert solar energy into electricity using photovoltaic cells, which are usually made of crystalline silicon. Newer thin-
The thin film battery can be used as a roof tile or even a skylight glass.
There is no \"best\" residential panel, Nelson said.
Just like choosing a car, homeowners have to decide what factors they value most ---
Cost performance and efficiency.
Don\'t talk too much about where panels are made, Nelson said.
China panel, United States-
US company and [manufacturing panel]overseas]
-Assembly facilities-
Both in the Philippines and Mexico. -
\"Basically all are puzzles at the disposal of consultants and clients to assemble the best possible project designs for clients and properties,\" he said . \".
How many panels do you need?
Three factors used to determine the size of the solar panel system: usable roof area (
Or ground installation area)
, The electricity used by the family every year, and the budget of the homeowner.
A good installer will work with the homeowner to determine what works best in the allocated space and budget.
Solar power is not necessarily all or all.
\"Homeowners may have enough roof area to use the solar system, which will offset 75% of their annual electricity bills,\" Newman said . \" \"But their budget may only allow a system that can do 60%.
\"If you are not ready to commit, the emergence of rental options has changed the rules of the game for the solar market.
\"Because there is no upfront cost, it makes it possible to use solar energy at all levels of revenue,\" says Olsen . \".
\"As long as they are homeowners, everyone can take advantage of solar energy.
Orson said that while conventional power through California\'s Pacific Gas and electricity can start at 16.
5 cents to 33 cents per kilowatt
Hours, according to the usage (
Higher rates for heavy users)
California consumer 15 cents per kilowatthour, with a 2.
Annual growth of 9%.
Customers can also choose a flat rate of 19 cents per kilowatt
An hour over 20 years.
Also, if you end up selling your house, solar rental is transferable.
Additional paperwork may scare some buyers, although Sunrun has a service transfer team that works with your real estate team to prepare for the transition, Orson said.
Or you can buy a longer system.
Invest on a regular basis, but you will have more options when it comes to choosing a system.
Because of the different energy institutions, systems and national regulations involved, it is difficult to give the cost range of the solar system.
Cost Calculator-
Like the Sun estimates. -
Can help determine how much you will pay based on the system size and the percentage of energy that needs to be offset.
For example, the average solar system in California costs about $23,000.
In addition, you can take advantage of the 30% federal solar investment tax credit as of 2016 and any other local or state incentives.
For more information, see dsireusa. org and energy. gov.
Nelson said various credit options available for financing also surged.
Zero output for many projectsof-
Homeowner\'s pocket plan. Think long-
Nielsen warned potential buyers not to pay attention to the \"investment return period\" or how long it will take to recover the investment cost.
\"This is a very short-sighted approach, especially in the long term. Regular investment.
\"Think about it, the next time you enjoy a good sunny day, you may enjoy the knowledge of saving electricity bills ---
Contribute to a healthier planet
With these extra cash, maybe you can afford Tesla--
Or at least one leaf. Maybe.
Post solar panels are cheaper than ever, so why don\'t you buy them?
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