solar panels for home use

by:Tunto     2020-03-26
Living in the Pacific Northwest, I \'ve been looking around for a variety of different options that can be used urgently during a storm, or extended power outages for home use that keep popping up.
While this is an eco-friendly green option, Solar does not work for me for several reasons.
Living in a rented double-width mobile house is sometimes a challenge.
Since I can\'t seem to convince my landlord to invest £ 50,000 in a solar system to rent, the cost and savings of my electricity bill fall entirely on my lap.
Although the price of solar energy has declined in recent years, most systems are still very expensive for most homeowners, even if the Government refunds 30%.
Then there is a problem with the grid connection or power off.
The grid-connected solar power generation system is excellent, and in a few years the savings will be spent on the full cost of the solar power generation system.
Unfortunately, if you have a power outage or a power outage for a long time, the solar panels don\'t do you much good because they are connected to the grid.
Of course, it would be nice to be able to sell pure sine wave solar to utilities, but who will you call when there is a power outage.
If I install a full solar system here, I would like it to be an off-grid system because we can have a power outage for up to two weeks at a time.
After a few days the kids will grumble that you can only do so much cleaning during the short winter months.
A hand-cranked emergency radio will only develop for entertainment until now, and there is no internet available to keep everyone in their throat.
One of the drawbacks of these two solar systems is that we have limited sun here.
We live on a small 2-acre land surrounded by trees.
Of course, this is awe.
An inspiring country in the Pacific northwest of Washington state, but the trailer is surrounded by trees and we can only get about 2 hours of sunshine a day, which doesn\'t give the car much charging time, because we can run out of battery in one night and only run the internet router and TV with DVR.
I hope that one day, when the price of the solar panel system drops to an affordable range, I may be able to afford the cost of the installation.
At the moment, my only option is a small portable solar system that I can move all day and aim for the limited sun.
Some of the smaller ones may turn on a few lights and let all of us not quarrel.
With a small system, we might run some laptops and Internet routers or listen to the radio.
If I kick everyone out, I can even use one of my ham radios with low power consumption.
That\'s why solar does not work for me.
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