solar panels go to war

by:Tunto     2020-04-19
Australian soldiers will soon be charging radios, sensors and night-vision devices with anti-aircraft guns on the battlefield.
As the army seeks to reduce its reliance on disposable batteries, high-tech solar panels.
Earlier this year, the military, in collaboration with Sustainable Technologies International, a private solar technology company, developed a portable, durable and prudent enough solar panel for front-line soldiers.
The result of this $2 million project is a panel weighing 400g, flexible enough to be molded into a soldier\'s backpack.
Cells on the panel produce about 10 watts per square meter, using a form of artificial photosynthesis that does not require direct sunlight.
In secret operations, they can be used under a camouflage net.
The Minister of Defense believes that one day, these panels may replace tens of thousands of disposable lithium batteries used each year as the main source of power for troops in the field.
Batteries contain toxic chemicals, which are contaminants that could endanger soldiers if exposed to flames or extreme temperatures and exploded. Lieutenant-
Colonel John Baird said that the strength on the battlefield is growing and it is essential to find alternative energy sources.
\"This is a battle in the information age, where every soldier is connected through advanced communication equipment and uses sensors to provide information about the enemy\'s position,\" he said . \".
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