u.s. orders tariffs on chinese solar panels

by:Tunto     2020-03-10
The Obama administration has ordered 31% and higher tariffs on solar panels imported from China, which has intensified a long-brewing trade dispute with China that has led to the growing U. Energy industry.
S. Department of Commerce announced Thursday that after a preliminary discovery that Chinese solar panel manufacturers had \"dumped\" their goods,
That is to say, sell them at the trade fair belowmarket value.
If confirmed by the United States, this highly anticipated rulingS.
This fall, trade officials are expected to have a significant impact on the global production of solar cells currently produced in China and on the growth of the US solar industry. S.
The company has about 100,000 employees in manufacturing, installation and service.
More than 60 Chinese companies including Suntech Power Holdings
Trina Solar, the world\'s largest manufacturer of solar panels
Their exports to the United States will face a 31% tariff. S.
Shipment dated back to February.
All other solar cell exporters in China will be subject to a 250% tariff.
In just a few years, China has accounted for about half of the United States. S.
Solar panel market. U. S.
Solar cell imports from China-
Main components of solar panels-
The value is about $3.
According to the Ministry of Commerce, it was $1 billion last year, up from $0. 64 billion in 2009.
Tariffs exceeded expectations of many industry executives and analysts.
They are outside the duties of the Ministry of Commerce. 9% to 4.
China\'s imports of solar panels have been sanctioned by 7% for illegal subsidies. The anti-
Subsidy Tariffs are considered modest and unlikely to have much impact on the USS.
Solar market.
Chinese companies and government officials have largely responded calmly.
Thursday\'s statement immediately drew praise from the United States. S.
Solar panel makers say the ruling is an important victory for jobs in the United States and a future for one of America\'s key renewable energy industries.
\"The verdict has come into effect,\" said Gordon Brinser, president of SolarWorld industrial America, located in Hillsboro, Oregon.
They filed their initial complaint in October, which led to an investigation by the Ministry of Commerce.
\"The Ministry of Commerce has now confirmed that Chinese manufacturers are guilty of illegally dumping solar cells and solar panels in the United States. S. market. \"Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio)
Join the applause and say the decision will help build a \"fair and equitable competitive environment\" for the United States\"S.
Including many manufacturers in his state. Brown and Sen. Charles E. Schumer (D-N. Y. )
I propose to ask businesses and those who wish to receive a 30% tax credit to buy and install the domestic content of solar panels for solar energy. But U. S.
The company that developed and installed the solar project condemned the counter
Dumping tariffs, saying they have the possibility of a trade war with China and threatening to slow or stop the momentum of U. S. solar installationsS.
\"Wow, it\'s too disturbing,\" said Tony Clifford, chief executive of solar developer and installer Standard Solar in Rockville, Maryland.
Clifford bought most of the panels from Suntech and other Chinese manufacturers.
He believes that the United StatesS.
China\'s imports of cheap solar panels have provided a catalyst for the overall sharp price reduction in the past two years, which has made solar installations affordable for households and businesses.
Clifford says the cost of getting a typical home with solar panels today is about $20,000.
Half two to three years ago.
Customers can also enjoy a 30% tax credit by 2016.
That doesn\'t give the solar industry too much time to compete with the cost of electricity, he said.
Tariffs will apply to China-
Make solar cells, no matter where the panels are made.
Chinese solar companies can avoid tariffs by transferring the production of solar cells to nearby countries and then bringing them to China to assemble them into panels.
Thursday\'s action was one of the Obama administration\'s most powerful actions in dealing with complaints about unfair trade and economic behaviour in China --
That made Mr. Obama the target of Republican criticism, which Republicans say is too weak.
In the past, Chinese officials were dissatisfied with possible high tariffs, arguing that Beijing could retaliate against US imports from China.
Earlier this year, Obama set up a new trade law enforcement department that specifically targets China as a potential target as part of an overall strategy to boost domestic manufacturing, exports and employment.
But it is unclear how the Commerce Department\'s ruling will affect the United States. S. employment.
While some domestic solar makers have shut down or cut jobs, in part because of weak growth in places such as Europe, jobs in the United States have increased significantlyS.
Enterprises developing and installing solar panels.
Robert Atkinson, chairman of the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation, a nonpartisan think tank in Washington, said that even if the United StatesS.
The solar industry has lost some workers in the short term, and it is important to take measures to ensure fair competition in the long term.
\"This is by no means a reason to turn a blind eye to the practice of heavy business trade,\" he said . \".
Last year, more than half of about 100,000 employees in the industry participated in solar installations, about one
According to a study by the Solar Energy Foundation, the fourth place is working in manufacturing and the rest in sales and distribution. don. lee@latimes.
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