unplugging from the world\'s power lines

by:Tunto     2020-01-21
LONDON, England (CNN)--
In the huge conference hall of the Copenhagen climate change summit, you won\'t hear much about it, but live off-site\"grid\" --
In addition to the water and wires that intersect most parts of the modern world ---
It can solve some of the most serious environmental problems on Earth.
Originally adopted by hippies and environmental Mavs, this groundbreaking lifestyle attracts thousands of devotees who choose to live entirely independently of the local utility grid, but generate their own electricity and water.
Some people started.
Out of concerns about environmental issues, grid exploration, some see it as an antidote to soaring energy prices and concerns about economic collapse.
Others just want to be independent. Off-
Most of the electricity for power grid practitioners comes from solar panels and wind turbines.
They built rain tanks to collect water and cut firewood to fuel heating equipment.
They only use what they can produce, but they can still live a valuable lifestyle.
\"Things need more care and planning, but it\'s easy, and we\'re not wearing a sweater to live like this, Nick Rosen\'s TV producer and editor told CNN.
\"If you are happy with the candles at night, you don\'t mind putting on a few jerseys when it gets cold, and then, life is as comfortable as it is on the E-Net, but the cost is only a small part of it.
Rosen wrote in 2008: \"How to live --
Grid: travel outside the system, \"record his trip in the UK with vegetable oil --
Fuel-laden camper
Grid practitioners representing all walks of life: millionaires from living in an ecological environment
The palaces and business professionals on board the canal provide lighting to backpackers living in traditional yurt.
While candle lighting may seem like a romantic concept, it can be a nightmare for most metropolitan residents to have to deal with their own sewage or clean up firewood to fuel your stove. Yet, an ever-
More and more communities choose to live without electricity.
According to USA Today, there were about 180,000 families in December 2006. grid in the U. S.
According to Richard Perez, publisher of the family Power magazine, the figure has grown by 33% annually over the past decade.
Accurate figures are hard to estimate, but 40,000 people are believed to have left --grid in the UK.
One of the communities is Scola, the Post-80 s. strong off-
A grid settlement on a quiet peninsula in the North
West Coast of Scotland.
The land is owned by the song\'s author Sir Tim Rice\'s separated wife, Ms. Jane Rice, and can only be reached by boat or on five boats.
Walk a mile on the mountain.
Hugh Pigott, 57, said: \"In fact, we are not very different from other people\'s lives . \"
Sweep Hamlet in 1974
Piggott, which has become the world\'s wind power authority, pays only £ 10 a year for rent ($16. 3).
In Scoraig\'s first two years, he had no electricity at all.
But now, almost all households in their hometowns have their own sources of electricity, water and fuel, most of which come from wind turbines and solar panels.
This means that local residents can use modern necessities such as the Internet and hot water.
\"Our facilities are the same as everyone else ---
TV, computer, refrigerator and washing machine.
The difference is that we use renewable energy instead of connecting to the state grid.
With a number of celebrities, including Darryl Hannah, Ed Begley Jr. , lifestyle has recently been given an extra boost
Christine Davis agreed with the idea to build his own untethered solar system.
Power Building.
But unless you have the ability to build and build your own mansiongrid setup --
Oversupply of solar panels and batteries-
There is no lack of struggle to choose a life independent of public service.
\"The biggest challenge is to adjust your needs based on available resources,\" said Piggott . \".
\"If you are short of water, you need to change your habits and reduce water use. If you are short of water, you need to turn off the lights and save electricity.
\"Another obstacle --
Grid companies are getting planning permission to install alternative energy technologies.
Rosen found that the situation varies greatly across the United States. S.
Established its own relationship with Europe.
Grid paradise in the mountains of Mallorca, Spain.
His property, located 700 metres above sea level, features two wood-burning stoves and several solar panels.
The rain is captured and stored in a large stone tank, and dozens of candles provide light when the night falls.
Building an ecosystem is much easier.
The project is in southern Spain, where there is plenty of wind and sunshine.
Landscape gardener Robert Kate moved from London to Gás to build
Grid home lives with his partner Flavia, away from massive urbanization and close to woodland and the sea.
\"It makes you feel grateful for the natural resources of the Earth.
\"Of course, from a financial point of view, these benefits do not include the bills of electricity, water and sewage utilities,\" Kite told CNN . \". The off-
With global warming concerns, the grid lifestyle is likely to receive greater attention, and soaring energy prices and technological advances in renewable energy are expected to lead the trend of ecological development. living.
Earlier this week, the United StatesN. Secretary-General Ban Ki-
Moon Jae-in told world leaders in Copenhagen that they had the opportunity to \"change the course of history \".
During the summit, he called on industrialized countries and developing countries to \"do more\" and reach an agreement to limit carbon emissions.
Nevertheless, advocates on the sidelines
Grid life is increasingly suspicious of the Copenhagen conference process.
\"We are still accepting lies and we can keep our way of life as they do ---
Just adjust it a little with some economic energy use and some taxes ---
Somehow, it can continue as before, \"Rosen said.
\"I have seen some people.
As infantry of the environmental revolution, the grid is the early adopters of what we must do in the near future.
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