using acrylic for your do-it-yourself solar panel

by:Tunto     2020-03-15
Thanks to ease of use and cost, it is more feasible to convert part of your home\'s energy into solar energy than ever before
The efficiency of making your own solar panels.
In the bookstore and online, you can find the plan to doit-
Your own solar panel can help you power your entire home from several outdoor lights.
Several plans suggest that it is possible to establish ait-
You buy one yourself in the store for less than a third price.
The solar panel manufacturing process requires many important decisions: how much power do you want to get from your system?
To maximize exposure to the Sun, where should you put your system?
Another important decision is to choose the right shell material for your do-it-
Solar panels.
The basic purpose of the lid is to allow a large proportion of light to reach energy-
Generate solar cells below while protecting them from bad weather and damageviolet rays.
Glass and acrylic are the two most commonly used materials because they both exceed the necessary threshold for transmission of more than 90% light.
Although acrylic has similarities in this regard, acrylic has many advantages compared to glassit-yourselfer.
Organic glass solar panel cover: an intelligent alternative to glass.
It is important to note that if you live in an area that often suffers hail, or where the temperature is extremely low, it may be wise to consider UV rays
As a replacement for the organic glass solar panel housing, stable polycarbonate.
This is due to the excellent strength and cracking resistance of polycarbonate. UV-
Stable polycarbonate, however, is much more expensive than plexiglass and turns yellow over time in the Sun (
Things that organic glass won\'t do). For most do-it-
You can do this with your own solar panel, a 3/16 acrylic film.
Call the local plastic dealer today to find out how easy and cost
It may be effective to incorporate acrylic solar panels into your work --it-
Solar project!
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