what are solar shingles?

by:Tunto     2020-01-26
You may have seen solar panels on the roof of the house or office building, but have you seen solar panels on it?
You may not know if you do.
The solar tile is an integrated photovoltaic (PV)
This means they send electricity directly from the sun.
They are made of specific materials and naturally go through the electronic process in the sun.
From a distance, they are like ordinary roof plates.
But obviously they are more important than that.
Solar Watts are used on the roofs of commercial and residential buildings to generate electricity, and some models can convert electricity into heat.
The solar tile is made of the same material as ordinary solar panels, including wires, a photosensitive waterproof product used to protect the roof from outdoor factors, which can produce electric current in the sun.
In fact, solar panels and solar panels operate the same way and are very similar in general.
The main difference between them is cost.
Solar panels have a function: they generate electricity.
But the solar tile has dual use. -
They generate electricity and act as wooden tiles in the long run, which makes them cheaper.
If you\'re curious about how solar tiles work, go to the next page to learn about their interesting technical aspects.
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