why musk is pitching solar panels to puerto rico even as residents struggle to get clean water

by:Tunto     2020-03-25
Elon Musk has a big dream of Puerto Rico.
Tesla chief executive said on Thursday he would discuss building
Together with the government of Puerto Rico, the island was provided with a technical solar grid.
Ricardo Rosello
\"Let\'s talk,\" Rossello wrote on Musk\'s Twitter . \".
\"I \'d love to talk,\" Musk replied . \".
\"I hope Tesla can help.
Although Musk\'s idea cannot solve the current crisis in Puerto Rico
There is still no electricity supply in 90% of the island, and it is difficult for many to get clean water.
It could put the island on a sustainable path to renewable energy, thereby reducing reliance on imported fossil fuels and ultimately boosting economic growth.
According to The Rossello office, Hurricane Maria destroyed power lines and destroyed other important infrastructure.
Power companies in Puerto Rico have fallen into chaos.
In July, it basically filed for bankruptcy, saying it owed $9 billion and needed another $4 billion to renovate the aging power plant, half of which had been 40 years old.
That was before Maria.
Now, given the damage to Puerto Rico\'s power grid, people like Musk see the crisis as an opportunity for the island to get rid of a concentrated, fragile power system.
One of the \"many smaller islands\" that Musk refers to is the tau island of Samoa.
Last year, Tesla said it was equipped with thousands of solar panels and batteries to meet almost all the energy needs of 600 residents.
This is an example of how the population of the island, under appropriate conditions, is almost completely away from fossil fuels.
According to Musk, there is no reason why Puerto Rico could not achieve a similar goal.
Musk is not here to take risks.
Scientists and energy experts say a distributed grid that does not rely on a single power plant to generate electricity can help vulnerable island areas such as the Caribbean withstand strong storms such as Hurricane Irma or Maria.
Solar panels can supply their power to batteries and connect with local or regional power grids, an example of a technology that can spread potential risks into the crowd.
In tropical areas, you can get the most solar benefits: photovoltaic panels are more effective in generating electricity than in areas with higher latitudes. The long-
Economic benefits are also transformative.
As Chris Mooney of the Washington Post reports, island residents face the highest energy price in the world because most of their fuel has to be imported.
Reducing the cost of these fuels by turning to wind or solar energy could put these island economies on a more positive trajectory.
\"When we are faced with the kind of infrastructure damage that we have seen during this hurricane season, it makes sense to pause before reinvesting in a completely identical system that has proven fragile, \"Gwen hawdeman directed the Alaska energy and power center at the University of Alaska in Fairbanks, who told Mooney. “If[Puerto Rico\'s]
The system has been redesigned around the micro-grid containing local power production, and there will still be losses, but due to bad weather events, the number and duration of power outages will be reduced.
So it\'s not surprising that solar advocates like Musk reach out to Puerto Rico.
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