california energy commission votes to make solar panels mandatory on all new homes by 2020

by:Tunto     2020-04-08
Sacramento, California—
On Wednesday, California overtook the rest of the country to require solar panels to be installed in all new homes and low-rise homes
High-rise apartment building starting in 2020.
New building standards
The five countries unanimously adopted
Member of California Energy Council
It will be the first statewide mission in the country.
It represents the state\'s latest initiative to control greenhouse gas emissions.
Robert Reimer, technical director of the California Association of Construction Industries, called it a quantum leap \".
\"You can bet that every state in 49 states will be watching closely to see what happens,\" he said . \".
The commission approved the request after a representative from builders, utilities and solar manufacturers expressed support.
It requires final approval from the California Building Standards Board, which often adopts the advice of the energy team when updating state building regulations.
This requirement will only apply to new homes, although many homeowners choose to install roof solar panels with the help of the rebate program.
Adding solar panels will increase construction costs by $9,500
The energy committee estimates that family housing has saved owners about $19,000 in energy and other expenses over 30 years.
The price of solar energy has fallen sharply in recent years.
The minimum solar power generation required by the new standard is not enough to meet all the needs of most households.
They still have to extract some power from the grid.
With a population of nearly 40 million, California has positioned itself as a national leader in clean energy, driving more electric vehicles on the road and reducing emissions from homes and commercial buildings.
\"This is a very bold and visionary step that we are taking,\" said David Hodgson, a member of the energy committee.
Delegates from the construction, utilities and solar industries have all helped to set new standards, and no industry groups have voiced objections on Wednesday.
But Republican lawmakers believe that in a market that is already very expensive, California can no longer afford to pay.
\"It will drive up costs and make California again unable to afford living expenses,\" House Republican leader Brian Dahle said on Tuesday.
About 117,000 new orders-
Family homes and more than 48,000
The Commission estimates that the family unit will be completed in 2020.
The regulation includes exceptions to the cost not required for solar panels
Effective or feasible, such as in a house in the shade. Community-
Sharing solar power generation equipment is also an option.
California is already number one in the country.
1 solar installation market.
According to the solar industry association, more than 5 million households in the state use solar energy.
California has set the goal of \"zero net energy\" for all residential buildings, meaning they generate as much energy as they consume.
\"This is a step, a very important step, in the long track we have been planning and telling the world,\" said Energy Commissioner Andrew mcalist . \".
\"This is not a complete departure --
This is a step in the right direction to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve air, and California has been doing better and better every time for decades.
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