california mandates solar panels for homes built in 2020 and later

by:Tunto     2020-02-22
On Wednesday, California lawmakers formally approved a measure requiring solar energy to be used in all homes built in Golden State in 2020 and beyond --powered.
According to the Orange County Register, the new standard was approved earlier this year and was unanimously voted by the California Building Standards Commission.
California is expected to authorize the use of solar panels for new family officials, which heralds the move as a \"historic mission\" and \"a beacon for the rest of the country \".
These regulations have increased the cost of building a building, estimated at $10,000.
Home homes-including more than $8,400 for solar installation, and about $1,500 for energy efficiency.
However, supporters of these demands say 30-
The annual service life of solar panels will offset utilities. A solar-
The industry representative cited in the Register said that the annual net savings were about $500.
The task of solar panels in California is absolutely forbidden: The Republican president, but not everyone agrees with the new measure.
According to the register, the building standards board received more than 300 letters condemning the move.
A California resident wrote that solar power licensing \"is costly for California homeowners and also removes individual options.
She estimated that the installation fee would exceed $25,000, not $8,400.
MP James Gallagher wrote: \"Since the median house price in California is already more than double the national average, this decision will make it harder for ordinary Californian people to afford a houseYuba City.
At the same time, a committee member expressed his concern that solar panels would make it more expensive to rebuild homes after a massive fire.
California homeowners can choose to pay in advance, or sign a \"power purchase agreement\" to pay electricity bills without purchasing panels, an official with the California Energy Commission said.
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