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by:Tunto     2019-12-05
Hopkins, Michigan.
-The Park Resort at Clay has attracted Janet Durtschi, including the fact that it is trying to become \"greener \".
\"Over the past seven years, she and her husband Donald have purchased seasonal membership in camp northeast Ohio.
There, she likes to play mini golf, dine at Ralph\'s restaurant and watch wild flowers on a golf cart.
He spends most of his time in an indoor pool where the park is installing solar panels to help heat the water and change the disinfection system from chlorine to salt water.
Before last winter, the resort replaced the propane heating system in the administrative office with wood
The lawn of the park and the trimmed trees burn the stove for fuel.
\"These are all things that I feel very good about the environment,\" said Janet Dursch, 57, from Worcester, Ohio.
Encouraged by the National RV Park and Camp Association, similar investments are being made at other resorts aimed at saving water and energy.
Larkbar, Colorado. -
The US-based trade association represents more than 8,000 private camps and parks in the United States for recreational vehicles, and has launched green facilities.
The park plan two years ago was called the Green plan \".
\"Many parks are already doing things that help the environment, and I think more parks are embracing the concept,\" said Linda Profaizer, president and chief executive of the group . \".
In southwest Michigan, Sandy Pines, one of the largest RV resorts in the United States, is installing solar panels to heat the water in two heated swimming pools.
Resort about 25 miles south-
Southwest of Grand Rapids, geothermal heating and refrigeration systems are also installed in a building with a village store, coin
Laundry and coffee shop.
\"The cost savings are huge,\" park director Max Gibbs said . \".
He estimates that the resort will take about three years to recover the $32,000 fee for solar panels and eight to ten years to recover the $72,000 fee for geothermal systems.
While gray skies dominate the coldest months of the year, Michigan gets a lot of sunshine in the summer.
Chuck Ammond, engineering director at power company Bauer, said using solar panel arrays instead of expensive fossil fuels to heat the pool \"can easily extend the swimming season in Michigan by two months\"The Martin-
Sandy Pines, based in Hopkins town, Aliman county, installed photovoltaic systems for two swimming pools.
The resort has over 800 acres of lake and woodland, 18-
Golf course and more than 2,200 camps.
Like clay, shasson is changing the way it sanitizes two swimming pools from chlorine to salt water.
The conversion cost is about $7,800, but since the price of salt is much cheaper, it can be paid by itself in a summer. A salt-
The water system uses a process to produce its own chlorine gas, which is dissolved in the water and disinfected the water, while preventing the formation of chlorine compounds found in conventional pool chlorine and producing
\"We think we are 500.
Maggie central one, spokeswoman for Clay\'s, said: \"acre\'s is located near Lawrence North, Ohio, about 20 miles southwest of Akron.
\"We want to avoid any harsh chemicals that will affect nature or humans.
Research by the caravan Association shows that consumers like to visit eco-friendly camps. \"Therefore, in addition to the savings recovered from the investment, there is an economic incentive for the park to participate in the green initiative,\" said profaizer . \".
As part of its initiative, the group recognizes resorts that showcase typical green practices every year.
Last year\'s champion was the big port resort in Golden Burton, Ohio, 75 miles east of Columbus.
For more than a decade, Grand Haven has taken a variety of green initiatives, including the installation of geothermal heating and cooling systems for its front desk and fitness center, as well as the installation of water in the adjacent outdoor swimming pool.
Heating costs 2,880-yearsquare-
Foot building plunged 90% from $12,000 to $1,200.
Recycling, composting and conservation have been the main content of the operation of Cooperstown Beaver Valley cottages and camps since 1988, when Juli and Dwaine Sharratt purchased 300-
Acre resort is only 5 miles north of Cooper stown. Y.
\"We are responsible for the environment and our park,\" said Juli Sharratt . \".
The fence around the park ballpark is obtained from the University of Connecticut, which is about to be thrown away.
The stadium\'s bleachers were removed from the ballpark demolished by Richfield in Minn.
Where Dwaine Sharratt grew up
Materials on the stage of the festival are used to build the deck of the park camping lodge.
Fertilizer replaces fertilizer.
The resort now uses energy
The efficient compact fluorescent bulb replaces the traditional incandescent lamp that uses more power.
To save postage, paper and time, now confirm the booking by email
Replace ordinary mail with mail as much as possible.
Of the approximately 4,000 confirmations issued since October, only two or three have been mailed to the old
In the traditional way, said Juli Sharat.
Mark Shambaugh, general manager of big port resort, said camp operators must continue to look for new ways to save money by improving energy efficiency.
\"We really need to move forward,\" he said . \"
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