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Two Winnipeg congregations are connecting a higher energy source. -
It generates a little cash in the process.
Churchill Park Union Church and Korea Union Church plan to install 62 solar panels on the roof of their joint building at 525 Beresford Avenue.
It saves about 90% of the annual electricity cost, Rev.
Janet Walker said.
\"We\'re trying to be a decent housekeeper, our land,\" Walker said, Minister Churchill Park, a rally of about 45 people.
\"Getting electricity from the sun is good for us and for all communities.
The 62 solar panels installed on the roof of the stadium cost $54,000, offset by a rebate of $18,000 from Manitoba Hydropower.
Installation is expected to begin in September.
The two gatherings will share the cost of the project, using recent bequests and funds from the sale of South Korea\'s joint ex-buildings to pay the remaining $36,000.
In addition to the Union Church Building, another religious building in Winnipeg and a rural building in Manitoba received a rebate from Manitoba Hydropower on the solar system, said Bruce Owen, a spokesman for hydropower.
The deadline for applications is Monday, 30 April.
The system design of Beresford Avenue Cathedral provides two-
Current flow, annual power generation capacity 22150 kW.
Alex Stuart of Sycamore Energy said churches would buy electricity in the short winter, but the cost would be much lower than their current annual bill of $3,000, and the company signed up to install the system.
\"Obviously, churches are looking for a way to reduce their operating costs,\" Stuart said. \"What solar (energy)
They are locked in their electricity prices. . . and (they’re)
25 years in advance.
He said the battery panel is expected to last for 30 years, and the system will pay for itself within 12 years, depending on the increase in electricity prices.
Walker said the savings would offset the $40,000 annual utility and maintenance costs of the complex, including a gym, several large conference rooms and a commercial kitchen.
\"The lights are on all the time,\" she said.
\"This is a very busy church.
In addition to the two congregations of the Canadian Union Church, the building also hosts community scouts and guides, dance troupes, a psychic group and two choirs. Several small-
Large-scale food producers also rent-
On-site commercial kitchen.
Although churches welcome lower electricity bills, the main motivation for converting to solar energy is to reduce the environmental footprint of buildings, Rev said.
Seven years ago, Kwang Beom Cho, a Korean Federation of about 45 people, moved to Lord Roberts Area Church.
\"The main reason is the environment,\" he said.
\"We should care about the earth.
\"That sense of management-
Buy a lot from Ontario Hydropower Company-prompted St.
John Union Church in Marathon, Ontario.
The installation of solar panels six years ago became the first solar building in the North Ontario community.
\"As a Christian group, we are environmentally friendly, and we are working to mitigate some of the damage caused by human beings to the environment,\" said George Bott, a member of the church board. He added that nine church members had installed solar panels in their homes through similar incentives.
About 30 people make about $8,000 a year by selling electricity to Ontario Hydropower Station.
Bott said the small congregation tried to share worship space with local Anglican and Baptist congregations and divide the front yard into community-managed gardens.
The solar project on Beresford Avenue is the first in Manitoba\'s United Church building, but Walker hopes their example will inspire other religious groups to explore alternative energy sources.
\"We\'re excited about a new energy source,\" Walker said. Brenda @Sudman.
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