impact of solar panels on global climate

by:Tunto     2020-04-19
Regardless of the harmful effects of burning fossil fuels on the global climate, other energy sources will become more important in the future, as fossil fuels may run out in the early 20 th century
The second century gave the current rate of consumption.
This means that human beings will depend heavily on renewable energy sooner or later.
Here, we have a big idea of idealization-
Compared with the background climate of representative concentrated path 2, renewable energy is widely used in global and regional climate. 6 scenario (RCP2. 6; ref. 5).
We found that, compared to the climate without solar panels, solar panels individually induce regional cooling by converting the incoming solar energy into electricity.
Mainly in urban areas, this conversion of electricity to heat increases regional and global temperatures, compensating for cooling effects.
However, these processes affect the global atmospheric circulation, resulting in changes in regional precipitation.
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