Instructions for Solar Lights

by:Tunto     2020-05-16

The outdoor solar light uses the energy provided by the sun to charge the pre-installed battery.Most sensors are available, and when the sun starts to fall, the sensor automatically turns on the light, and when the sun rises, the sensor turns off.Some of the solar lights are mounted on ground spikes or stakes, while others are simply placed on the ground.Determine the position of the sun light.Most solar lights have to take hours of direct sunlight during the day to charge.If the lamp has nails and stakes, please push the nails firmly into the ground.Connect the light pile to the nail and connect the solar lamp to the pile.If the light only stays on the ground, make sure the surface is stable and place the light.Solar charging is allowed for several hours.Turn on the light and turn on/off the switch automatically.Test the light by covering it to simulate the darkness or check it to work at night.Put solar light.Remove the screws that hold the battery cover on the lamp.Remove the battery cover and the old battery.Replace the battery with a new battery and reinstall the battery cover and screws.Put the light back in its pile or previous position and turn the light back on.
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