is now the perfect time for solar power?

by:Tunto     2020-01-24
For the residents of Massachusetts, the answer is yes!
Since there are many incentives to buy solar panels at the National and national levels, it has never been more meaningful to achieve green environmental protection with solar energy.
Almost all residential solutions are able to pay for themselves in less than five years.
The 5 KW solar panel system costs about $25,000.
The system will generate nearly 6,000 KW of electricity a year in Massachusetts and provide about 60% of the typical residential energy needs.
There is a federal rebate that will deduct $2,000 from the selling price.
Also, if you live in an ordinary house or have a moderate income, you will get an additional $2,000 discount.
Or, if you unfortunately damaged your house in last year\'s tornado, you will receive an additional discount of $5,000.
You will also receive a federal and state tax credit.
At present, the IRS has a tax credit of $ 30%, while the state has a tax credit of $1,000.
After deducting rebates and additional tax credits, you will be able to purchase a 16,000 solar panel array for $5 KW, if you are eligible for an add-on for medium-income or medium-Family Value
In Massachusetts, a complete system like this will give you an average of about $80 a month of electricity, saving $1,000 a year.
But the best.
Long-term revenue comes from the SRECs that auction your system.
Hour per megawatt1,000 kWh)
Equivalent to a SREC and a solar panel array of 5 KW, ideally producing about 6,000 KW hours a year.
Since the state has forced power companies to get a clear percentage of power from green technology, they will pay about $400 for each of your six srescs, saying that you are producing electricity for them.
As a result, an additional tax increase of $2,400
Every year you have free income in your pocket.
Now you can see how the $16,000 solar panel array is paid off in less than five years as it brings $3,400 each year between electricity savings and srecc revenue.
In addition, solar panels are one of the best home improvement options for the public. home owner.
Selling for $16,000 will add $20,000 to the value of your home.
This happens to be a return on investment of 125%.
Almost all home decoration items are not paid for themselves.
Not only do solar panels make your home worth more than they might cost you, but they bring in revenue every year.
In the next 20 years, they were even exempt from paying property taxes.
We should not forget the main reason for the initial existence of these incentives-to save our planet.
At least one carbon footprint can be reduced by a 5 KW solar panel array
The production of carbon dioxide in 25 years reached 800 tons, equivalent to planting a tree.
Every year, it will prevent electricity from burning equivalent to about 3 tons of coal or 20,000 cubic feet of natural gas.
Needless to say, from all the stimuli currently offered, now is definitely the best time for solar energy.
Federal tax rebates and federal and state tax credits reduce your startup costs.
In addition, the power savings and the srecc program add considerable returns and increase the resale value of your house.
Moreover, it is not known at all how long these types of incentives will last.
The federal tax refund has been reduced once and the federal tax credit is threatened every year.
Finally, as the industry matures, homeowners can get more and more financing options to make solar energy affordable for everyone.
If you \'ve always wanted to get solar panels, there\'s never been a better time than it is now!
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