solar lighting system launched in nagayalanka

by:Tunto     2020-04-27
Deputy speaker M.
On Sunday, Buddha Prasad\'s Parrachivara panchat in nagaranaka Mandal in the Krishna region unveiled the solar street light system. Hyderabad-
Bondada engineering Private Limited (BEPL)
Provides solar lighting systems installed in 26 locations opposite Parrachivara panchayat, including Poles.
It consists of seven small coastal villages.
Of the 26 lighting points, up to 10 are from
Timing and operation with solar energy.
Meanwhile, villagers brought the poor power facility to the attention of the Deputy Speaker on Sunday.
Mr. BEPL general manager said: \"The effectiveness of the solar lighting system installed here has been nearly 30 years, and villagers can contact BEPL for any maintenance and maintenance needs . \"Raghavendra.
He also promised that the future will provide the necessary support for rural infrastructure construction in the village through corporate social responsibility. Hyderabad-
Bondada engineering Private Limited (BEPL)
The system is available at 26 locations in Parrachivara panchayat.
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