solar panels and christmas lights

by:Tunto     2020-03-07
Tacloban City—
\"Solar panels are like Christmas lights --
If one is broken, the rest will not work.
\"It\'s just one of a few explanations given by Marvin Lazaro about solar technology, a mechanical engineer who runs San Pedro-Laguna-
The company is headquartered in solar energy. [
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Lazaro grabbed the Solar Pathfinder and climbed twostorey-
High scaffolding several times to determine 60-
Solar panels in square meters. [/caption]
Recently, Lazaro flew from Manila to check that the Sierra Solar company he founded a few years ago may be one of the more interesting projects.
Since May, Lazaro has conducted a shadow analysis of the construction site of the electric Jeep solar charging station for the second time (eJeepneys).
Located on bourgos Street, Padre.
In downtown Tacloban, eJeepney solar charging facility is a project of the Institute for Climate and Sustainable Cities (iCSC)
And form part
Charge for Tacloban
Yolanda project in the city.
Lazaro, also a registered electrician master, was selected by the Civil Service Commission as its partner to help establish a solar charging facility in Visayas hub in the east.
Catch Solar Pathfinder
A device for measuring the amount of sunlight in a given area-
Lazaro climbed two. storey-
Scaffolding is high several times.
For more than an hour he has endured the heat of the hot Tacloban sun, if only to ensure Pathfinder
About half a volleyball.
Accurate reading.
This is not an easy task.
After all, the builder is dwarfed by several tall buildings. a four-and five-
Behind is a two-story building.
Side have a layer of car wash and a three-layer car wash
The other floor structure.
Lazaro traveled through the construction site and did his best for 60-
Square meters of solar panels required for the facility. Two hours later.
Several rises and falls on metal scaffolding
Lazaro touched gold.
He proposed installing solar panels in the driveway of the solar charging station.
Once installed, solar panels will capture the sun in 8 hours8 a. m. to 4 p. m. —
No interruption.
\"If the sun is blocked, the array may not be able to generate electricity at all,\" he said . \".
The Lazaro proposal also has the side benefits.
By putting the solar panels above the driveway, the array is clearly visible to the public.
Therefore, the design will show, promote and raise public awareness of solar energy
One of the many propositions of the Civil Service Commission at the beginning of this project.
However, the proposal by Lazaro requires the modification of some structures, which requires the approval of the contractor who chose to build the facility.
It turns out that this is the easy part.
Immediately after Lazaro made his suggestion, the three parties held a lunch meeting --
Hector Banes Lazaro (the contractor)
And Teddy aleano (
Special project coordinator of the Civil Service Commission).
The parties agree to install solar panels in the driveway and the Civil Service Commission will not bear any costs.
To ensure proper maintenance of solar equipment, Banez also agreed to build a cat step at one end of the array for staff to clean the panels regularly.
Solar panels will be installed in about a month or less.
Now, the engineer is more concerned with doing a good job, including providing accurate data that anyone involved in the project can use.
This is the case with Lazaro\'s professional spirit, who voluntarily secured the Civil Service Commission project in Tacloban.
If Lazaro and/or his company fails to perform its contractual obligations, the bond will be paid an amount to the Civil Service Commission.
\"The Civil Service Commission did not ask me to get a security deposit, but I still got it because it was one of the best practices in the construction industry,\" Lazaro shared . \".
It was this professional ethics that prompted the Civil Service Commission to work with Sierra Solar.
\"When we chose Sierra Solar, we knew its staff
Including Lazaro-
\"I know what they\'re talking about,\" says Jeffrey Lazaro . \"
Has nothing to do with Marvin)
Assistant to the Civil Service Commission for Sustainable Energy.
Before the Civil Service Commission chose to cooperate with Sierra Leone, Jeff communicated with several companies that provided solar technology.
At first, based on e-commerce, there was a shortage of some of these companies.
Jeff shared that mail exchanges only.
As a result, Sierra Leone solar will be the best choice
It will not only install solar panels, but will also install special equipment and mechanisms for the continued operation of the facility.
These devices and many of them include a switch that will automatically allow the facility to obtain power from the grid in the event that solar panels generate limited power.
The enhancement is just one of the many features of the eJeepney charging station, which will also host a police outpost and an Internet kiosk.
This facility is available to the Civil Service Commission and its partners --
In their own small way.
It is helping build a better city in Tacloban. (
Editor\'s note: Yolanda has been landing in littacloban for seven months.
To commemorate and celebrate those who have survived and stayed, the business agenda brings you the story of local entrepreneurs who have witnessed their business being completely destroyed and collapsed, they are now slowly serving the takloban people one by one, serving those who choose to stay, and now calling takloban home
These are the famous stories of resilience in the Philippines.
These are the stories of all of us. )
Robert J. basario Jr.
Working for the Institute for Climate and Sustainable Cities (iCSC)
Currently headquartered in Tacloban.
He maintains his blog at jackthescribbler. com.
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