solar panels by the square mile in california

by:Tunto     2020-03-24
Matthew Wald has just written a news article showing the promise of a big market
At present, the scale construction of energy technology cannot compete with the current situation.
In fact, two photovoltaic power plants will be built in California, covering a total of 12.
5 square miles, 800 MW of power generation capacity (
Keep in mind though that the peak is only reached in a fraction of the day).
At the top of Matt\'s article is this: the two California companies said on Thursday that they will each build a solar power plant 10 times larger than the current largest solar power plant.
Nowadays, the large-scale use of this technology is mainly limited to the roof supplement of traditional power supply.
Solar energy will be sold to Pacific Gas and Electric Power, which, under state authorization, receives 20% of its electricity from renewable sources by 2010.
The company said it expects the two plants that use photovoltaic technology to directly convert sunlight into electricity to compete with other renewable energy sources, including wind and solar energy, which use the heat of the sun to boil water.
Experts say solar energy is more expensive than wind energy, and Watt is more valuable than Watt, but it provides energy when electricity prices are higher in the day, even if the cost is higher.
Many experts say PV will eventually need to be as cheap as paint or roof tops to start having a serious impact on coal.
Other ways to harvest the sun, including solar thermal power plants, are already close to competitive levels, but most of the time they are confined to areas with clear skies.
However, if it is only because of the size of the plan, it is difficult not to be impressed by today\'s announcement.
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Photovoltaic power generation will be the Standard & Poor\'s or sub-prime mortgage degeneration of the next financial instrument. DO NOT INVEST! The MMT (
Manufacturing, maintenance and transportation)
All problems are related to oil.
When oil becomes scarce, you are troubled by the infrastructure of the white elephant.
It is too expensive to complete major projects and it is too expensive to maintain old projects.
But you can bet someone will make a profit!
HDR geothermal is where investors should beat groenks. Yup.
The cap and deal plans to be held in Cali make everything possible . . . . . . Great to see Andy!
PG & E knows they can pass on the cost (
Up to six times coal)
Won a lot of brownie points.
I\'m glad I\'m not one of their rate payers.
Perhaps one day nanotechnology will make solar energy truly cost-effective and scalable, but not yet.
Does anyone know how much energy it takes to make 12?
5 square miles of solar panels?
I am glad to read the news from Wang Suya.
The capacity of 800 MW is very large.
Our humanity is making progress.
We did a good job.
If we do, we can make the most of clean energy to meet our needs.
Hope the world will do these things more and more.
California is ahead of the United States in fighting global warming.
Govener Swaz, please keep walking.
Whether it\'s a movie or a real world, you\'re a hero.
Please lead the United States and the world.
I believe the cost of doing so will help to increase electricity prices in California.
This will also help protect the environment.
Drive jobs and industries out of this state.
Still, everything, including nuclear energy and natural gas, is becoming more and more expensive.
I am very surprised by the choice of technology to use PV instead of solar heat here.
The data I see shows that solar heat is cheaper, but maybe things are changing.
Has the PV industry found a way to reduce costs that have not been reported yet?
@ 3. . . O \'Neill: solar panels generate far more energy than manufacturing costs. @1….
Fred Moore: Once built, all you need to do is wash the panel once in a while.
Maintenance is not oil intensive.
Go somewhere else to blow your \"hdr geothermal \".
What stupid request to use, but is it mysterious to allow Costs and Prices?
This is a magic recipe for ignorant policies and quirky acting consequences.
= = How much is the two companies going from the California government (
I mean taxpayers)
Building these things?
Good news, if it\'s true
The way to go is solar energy.
Stop using fossil fuels now.
Now turn the world into solar energy.
But if it\'s really good news.
\"The two companies said they would build,\" the news article said \". . . . . . Many companies say, and never do that.
Let\'s see when this goes online. Hopefully soon.
Hope this is not a PR hype.
This is a very encouraging news.
The breakthrough of thin film and crystal photovoltaic has been for some time --
If they succeed in achieving this huge sale, there must be a leap in efficiency and in the manufacturing economy.
However, I do not like the cost per kilowatt hour in the PPA to be kept confidential.
I understand why: As noted above, electricity is worth more during peak hours.
But it would be nice to know how far they cost from traditional plants.
On last March, I was told by an executive at Sunpower that they were \"close to competition,\" but I wasn\'t sure what that meant.
The niche for PV will have to be peak power, as solar thermal power can store heat and run 24/7 of turbines, which may eventually take up a large share of the renewable energy market.
Fred, I love geothermal, it\'s a proven cheap technology and I don\'t know why it\'s so rare here.
Tidal turbines are also very promising.
Fred and O\'Neill, I would also like to see a life cycle assessment of solar energy, including all components and shipping burdens.
But I assure you that it ultimately accounts for only a small fraction of the carbon and environmental costs of burning any fossil fuel.
I made some detailed guesses in a previous post, but I \'d rather see a more solid number than the back of my own envelope.
Mr. Wald provided his readers with this comparison note that the capacity of the two solar power plants is 800 MW: \"mW is enough to run a Wal-Martmart store.
You think that means Wal-Mart.
Wal-Mart will build 800 stores, these 12. 5 square miles? naw. well, maybe.
Here is a wonderful summary of the entire hockey stick debate that has taken place over the past few years.
The degree of deception implemented by members of the Hockey team is more characterized by someone selling drugs to children, which is a real scientist.
According to the actions of the IPCC, they seem to be involved, at least to a certain extent, with the tricks that Mann, Ammann, Wahl and others have committed.
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