solar panels owners caught between a rock and a hard place

by:Tunto     2020-04-14
Families with solar panels are quickly looking for batteries to offset the sharp drop in rebate synergies and pay for their power, but the move could cost them all the tariffs.
David Walker installed a 5 KW solar panel system at his home in Picton, South Perth last year, after he did research.
He generates three times as much energy as he uses, and like thousands of other families in Washington state, Synergy pays him tariffs to feed back the excess energy to the grid.
But since 2010, the excess power paid by Synergy for customers has been cut.
\"The feed in the tariff is less than the third we import, the cost of electricity, so we have to export a lot to break even,\" Mr Walker said . \".
\"We could have used 3 KW of the system, but 5 KW of the system means we actually helped pay for the cost of capital. \"The feed-
Since 2010, the tariff has been greatly reduced because the absorption of the tariff is very large.
Customers who sign up in advance 10-
Annual Contract under \"quality feed\"
In the tariff scheme
For the contract signed from July 1-20, 2010 to June 30, the customer pays 40 cents per unit of electricity and then feeds back to the power grid.
Then, the tariff on contracts signed between July 1-20, 2011 and August 1 was reduced to 20 cents.
New customers now pay only £ 7.
According to the renewable energy repurchase program, 135 cents per unit, electricity must be repurchased at 26 cents per unit at night.
Therefore, Mr. Walker investigated the purchase of batteries to reduce the amount of electricity he needed to buy overnight, but under current regulations it would completely reduce his duties.
\"When I got the system, when those prices went down, I asked about the future accessories for the battery and they said you needed a battery charger that was located between the inverter and the battery, he said.
\"Then I found out that under the regulations that are considered to be the inverter itself.
\"Now that I have a 5 KW inverter, once you add this other device, it is the maximum that allows still eligible to enjoy the tariff, it is also considered an inverter, got me over the limit so I didn\'t get any feedbackin tariff.
\"It means that no electricity I export gets anything, it just increases the amount of time it takes to pay the cost of capital.
\"It all comes down to a technical rule.
The government says the regulation limits the size of household solar systems to 5 KW by adding batteries, exceeding the limit, side by side removing power supplyback deal.
Mr Walker said the restriction was absurd.
\"I thought people would increase the limit when they put their batteries in, because that way you can smooth the electricity you export to the grid.
\"My understanding is that the limit of 5 KW is because when you inject power into the grid, you have a major peak in the middle of the day, which creates a problem network for management.
\"But with the battery, you can of course lower those peaks by charging the battery with this power supply, and then continue to exit after the sun goes down,\" Mr Walker said . \".
Battery installers say this regulation will affect most households with early installation of renewable energy.
Shane Cremin, CEO of unlimited energy, said maintaining this restriction was only delaying the inevitable.
\"So, what you\'re seeing is a lot of people who have existing systems and can\'t install batteries right now due to this limitation.
\"Those who are on the single-phase system, they have installed the 5 KW inverter system, which is most houses in Western Australia, and unfortunately they are not able to increase the size of the inverter system, so the battery cannot be obtained in the standard settings
Mr. Cremin said.
The government says several measures have been taken to make it easier for customers to install batteries, but will not subsidize the business model of private companies with taxpayers\' money.
At the moment, Mr Walker will sit still and hope the government will change the rules. Topics:solar-
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