solar panels rise pole by pole, followed by gasps of ‘eyesore’

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By Mia navarroochl 27 2011 ORADELL, N. J. —
Nancy and Eric Olsen were unable to determine the time and manner of the specific occurrence.
All they knew was that there was a moment when they had an idyllic view of the football field and the Woods of the 1920 colony --style house;
They can only see three solar panels next.
\"I hate them . \"
The 40-year-old Orson talked about a row of panels on the pole across the street.
\"It\'s just a thorn in the eye.
The 61-year-old Tom Trobiano, a liquor salesman, is now adapting to the solar panels hanging in the driveway.
He said: \"When it\'s close, the panel has its own life.
\"Like a huge Christo project, but without early publicity, facilities around New Jersey have been around for about a year, and this is provided by the largest utility company in New Jersey, public service electricity and gas company.
Unlike other solar projects hidden on the roof or in the industrial zone, the utility has installed 200,000 separate panels in the community in its entire service area, covering nearly three
Several quarters of the country.
In this country, solar installations are the first and most extensive, part of PSE & G\'s $0. 515 billion investment in solar projects, as authorized by the state until 2021, 23% of electricity will come from renewable sources.
If they\'re placed on a solar farm, 5-by-2. 5-
170 acres of land will be covered with footboards.
Due to fiscal incentives and government public policy commitments to the renewable energy industry, New Jersey\'s solar power generation capacity is second only to California. Jon S.
The government of Kexin.
But for a country known as the national leader of the toxic Superfund website, it may be a place to be proud of, and instead, it leads to aesthetic turmoil in the suburbs.
Some residents think the hanging panels are \"ugly\" and \"ugly\" and worry loudly about the impact on the value of the property.
Although the staff of the company is close to half done, some new resistance has been encountered in Bergen County, where cities, villages and administrative districts are at different stages of humiliation.
Local officials were forced to stop temporarily in many towns as they sought assurances that they would not be held accountable once injured, while also securing time for suggested alternative locations --like dumps —
Spare their trees. lined streets.
At least one panel is missing at Oradell.
The next panel may be a mystery when and where it appears, which raises complaints about the lack of prior notice.
\"I came back running errands and they were there,\" said the lady.
Olsen, 37, said.
\"This is wrong.
They should have warned us.
Next to Ridgewood, Deputy Mayor Thomas M.
Voters have called and sent emails, Riche said
Emailed him on the street, stopped him, and asked him to stop the occupation of the disease.
Ridgewood, a wealthy village of about 24,000 people, stopped the installation of PSE & G after only a few installations, fearing that they would interfere with emergency communication boxes on the poles.
The talks are continuing, sir.
Riche said he also said he was trying to bring the Ridgewood panel to a city park --and-
Ride a lot and its public schools.
Advertising, he said, \"a group of panels in a region is better than a single panel in the whole town . \".
\"We don\'t object to solar energy, but there is a more efficient way than installing panels on the poles.
PSE & G officials said their search for the largest sun exposure could not shelter and weave residential areas in crowded places like New Jersey.
It turns out that only one quarter of the company\'s 800,000 Poles is suitable for mounting on a 15 feet high panel and requires good southern exposure.
Experts in the solar energy industry-by-
The rod method and indicates that it can be as efficient and economical as a large installation.
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\"Solar energy is very flexible,\" said Monique Hanis, spokesman for the Washington-based trade group Solar Industry Association.
\"The utility already owns the property and the panel has direct access to the transmission line. ”Ralph A.
LaRossa, president and chief executive of PSE & G, said the company is still installing panels to direct the energy they generate back to the grid, on the roof of its industrial sites and facilities, it leased flat roofs of large buildings, including several schools in Newark.
\"We are looking for ways to deploy this technology in the cheapest and most accessible way,\" he said . \". Yes, Mr.
LaRossa said his company could have communicated better, but added that Bergen County had become the \"pocket\" of the opposition at the usual welcome reception \".
Not all of Bergen\'s are fighting.
Mayor Lisa Swain said on the Fair Lawn that her city did not intervene in the project and she tried to make the community sustainable in other ways, such as using motion sensor lighting in urban buildings.
For some New Jersey residents, the thousands of solar panels installed on the poles are a thorn in the eye, and for others, it is evidence of the state\'s commitment to green energy.
\"I will do what I can,\" she said . \".
Sean Smith, 43year-
The old airline sales executive at Fair Lawn said he was fine with the seven panels on the street, especially \"if it helps the greenhouse effect \".
\"We have children to consider,\" he said . \"
But his neighbor, Tony Christopheryear-
The old contractor wondered loudly whether the Fair Lawn was getting more than a fair share of things without fighting.
The ads, he says, \"I\'m happy with green energy,\" but will these savings be passed on to consumers?
PSE & G officials say solar energy is more expensive to produce than conventional energy and acknowledge that the monthly bill has risen by 29 cents.
One panel will produce enough kWh in a year and light up four 60-
The company said the watt bulb worked for about six weeks 24 hours a day.
Upon completion, the panel on the pole is expected to provide half of the 80 MW power generated by the utility\'s $0. 515 billion solar investment
Enough to power 6,500 families.
Despite his support for renewable energy
Chris Christie, through a spokesman, said the task that gave birth to the group\'s project was \"extremely radical \".
\"He has asked them to start over. evaluated.
At Oradell, with a population of 8,000, some residents say that the new unit is not worth the effort, and there is too little power generated for the deterioration.
The case of the missing group has been referred to the local law enforcement authorities.
\"PSE & G\'s view of people tampering with equipment is very vague,\" said company spokesman Francis Sullivan, \"but it\'s just a dangerous idea, which is secondary.
\"All units are connected to high-voltage wires. Old Richard Joel
A lawmaker in the town said a group near his home had been demolished, but when asked if he knew the details, he objected.
\"I\'m not saying what happened,\" he said . \".
On Thursday, an article on the reaction of New Jersey residents to installing solar panels on a pole omits a panel that generates enough energy to light up four 60-
The Watt bulb is uninterrupted for six consecutive weeks.
According to public service power and gas, the utility company that installed the panel, it was a year.
A version of this article was printed on page A1 of the New York edition on April 28, 2011, with the title: solar panels rising pole by pole, followed by the panting of \"eyes.
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