solar panels save energy, but what about fire safety?: editorial

by:Tunto     2020-03-06
Diz and Watson JPGFirefighters continue to spray water at the warehouse, and they are ready to knock on the wall and pour it down on Tuesday afternoon, month. 3, 2013. (File Photo)
Roof twice in recent monthsmounted solar-
The energy panel played a role in the severity of a large industrial building fire in South Jersey.
On Thursday, the ResinTech building in Berlin Town was three by one
Fire and explosion may occur.
While these panels are not considered to be the cause of the accident, firefighters say the unit at the top of the plant\'s warehouse section is still powered on throughout the fire fighting effort.
When the situation poses a danger of electric shock
The pressure water is trained on the roof and may be the cause of the roof collapse.
William dux, public information officer of the West Berlin Fire Department, told nbc10: \"Solar panels will still generate electricity even on the roof when they receive any light . \". com.
In last September, the huge 300,000square-
The foot Dietz & Watson deli meat warehouse in Delanco, Burlington County was also killed by a fire that completely destroyed the facility.
The company has not yet promised to rebuild on site.
Similarly, in that fire, firefighters cited 7,000 solar panels installed on the roof in 2010, causing entry problems.
Officials say the fire was sandwiched between an indoor roof rack and an outdoor solar panel.
While neither of these fires caused huge damage, last week\'s fire again raised questions about how safe it was to cover large apartments.
Roof building with energy
Collection panel.
The National Fire Protection Association now holds a webinar on preventive measures for fire fighting in \"green\" buildings.
Our legislature has introduced a variety of bills that put the logo on
Residential structures warn fire fighters when a photovoltaic system appears.
Warning labels will help our first aid workers, but there may also be some \"best practices\" that need to be modified \".
\"If the system is tilted more, it is better not to let most of the flat roof without panels, because they are often used at home, the composition of the panels can be improved, so in the use of solar systems, this material is less susceptible to high temperatures. New Jersey is considered second only to California.
Reducing manufacturing costs and reducing reliance on fossil fuels is a positive development.
Security, however, must come first.
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