What fields is best solar led street light applied in?
Solar led street light made by producers is of distinct performances which decide its wide applications. Based on the market requirement, this item is practical which makes it to be broadly utilized in many fields. As market develops and the demand for the product increases, the assortment of application of the product will soon be expanded if its function upgrades.

Tunto green power Green Power Technology has enjoyed high reputation in off grid power systems market both at home and abroad. According to the material, TUNTO's products are divided into several categories, and solar powered street lights is one of them. TUNTO solar panel power inverter is designed and crafted by a team of experts following the international standards. Waterproofing and heat dissipation are both carried by the solar garden/plaza light. TUNTO Green Power Technology can also introduce the production methods of all types of solar powered street lights for free. Different solar systems can be designed based on different conditions e.g. mountain, army outside.

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