blog: bringing light to baghdad

by:Tunto     2019-12-22
Solar lights in Baghdad?
I think I must have heard something.
It\'s not that the concept of solar energy is new, but this is, after all, a war zone, hardly an environment of innovation and environmental protection --
Friendly technology.
Then, the logic of using solar lights here has nothing to do with wanting environmental protection. friendly.
It is more of an actual solution to stop violence.
The insurgents used dark cover to place bombs on the side of the road and then climbed up to ambush the United States. S.
And the Iraqi army to intimidate and attack the Iraqi people.
Local residents, especially in the unstable neighborhoods of Baghdad, stayed indoors safely after the sun set, trying to avoid the threat of Baghdad streets.
We enter Ghazali with the United States. S.
A residential area in western Baghdad used to be an al-Qaida stronghold.
Although violence is much lower than before, it still exists today.
The day before our patrol, the United StatesS.
One of their soldiers was killed by a sniper.
\"Stand carefully under the lights and move on \".
Iraqi police guided traffic at checkpoints, extending the explosion-proof wall along the roadside ---
Typical Baghdad scene, other than the street is not dark, it is bathed in the orange light from the solar lights.
Below is one of the best grocery stores I have ever seen in Baghdad.
The owner said he had been closed for a year and a half when the violence was worst. He re-
The light turned on.
There are two solar projects in Baghdad.
A bigger country run by the Iraqi governmentwide effort.
They are typical solar lights. -
Panels, batteries and lights.
Then the American version of the emergency light-la-war zone.
Bullet-proof glass is designed to protect the lights from insurgents who want to fire them out.
The special bolts are designed to prevent them from being stolen.
I joked with Major Tom Nelson. -
Imagine that Baghdad could eventually become the first city to use solar energy.
The grid in Iraq is almost unreliable.
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