delhi govt plans to install solar panels at dtc bus shelters

by:Tunto     2020-03-07
To meet people in Delhi.
As demand for electricity increases, the AAP government plans to install solar panels on the roof of the bus shelter of the Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC)
Generate more electricity.
At the same time
Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal successfully launched a time Bill solution for defaulting on electricity consumers in New Delhi on Sunday.
According to the government, solar energy is the only way to meet the growing demand for electricity in the future, because the cost of traditional electricity is increasing sharply every year.
Delhi Electric Power Minister Satyendra Jain said in the amnesty plan launch campaign: \"We plan to install solar panels on the roof of the city bus shelter in order to generate more electricity.
The government is considering the project and a final decision will be made soon, he said.
\"Installing solar panels on the roof of the bus will help the government generate electricity.
Besides, we will
It depends on solar power, \"he said.
According to the minister of electricity, the government is also considering the construction of sheds with solar panels as roofs.
\"We will have to think about new technologies,\" he said . \" He added that the government has set a target of generating 1,000 MW of solar power over the next five years.
The minister said that the price of solar power is also similar to that of traditional power generation, and hopes that solar power will be much cheaper in the next few years.
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