family left homeless after £8,500 solar panels set their house on fire

by:Tunto     2020-04-07
A family had to escape from their home and they had not returned due to a fire caused by a solar panel failure.
After an electrical fire completely destroyed their top floor, McIntyre is currently in temporary accommodation. Dad-of-
Two Anthony managed to get his 57-year-old wife Angela and his 15-year-old wifeyear-
The old daughter Chloe, who fell asleep in the fire, walked out of the house safely.
It is believed that the fire started due to a malfunction of the attic inverter, which caused the fireball to shoot into a spare bedroom.
It spread rapidly, along with the destruction of water and smoke, destroying the attic, five rooms and a bathroom.
Anthony, 51, a nuclear worker, said: \"My wife is nearby and my daughter is still in bed.
\"We were going to go out for a family party later.
\"My wife said she was going to wash some clothes.
She went downstairs and said someone had put a bonfire in the back garden.
\"I think there is no way\", looking out the window and seeing the smoke.
\"I can\'t believe how much smoke came out of the roof and there was nothing in the house.
\"The roof is on fire.
Anthony added: \"I don\'t know what\'s going to happen at the time-I\'m only interested in getting my daughter.
Mr. McIntyre\'s 19. year-
At the time of the incident, the old daughter was not at home.
Family from glbury, Glous.
Now they are renting a house and their 12-year House is being repaired-funded by their insurance company.
They stayed at a hotel for six weeks after the last August fire.
Family jump from fourth place
In order to escape the angry firefighters, he was sentenced to prison because he started his own firefighters to rescue the \"incredibly brave\" boy, because his fingers were stuck with solar energy on toy fire engineers-broke down three years ago in 2013.
Returning the house to its state of residence will cost between 180 and 200,000.
It will cost 8,400 to install these panels.
Avon and the Fire Rescue Department said fires involving solar panels rarely occur, but people should ensure that qualified installers are hired.
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