firefighters alarmed by latest rescue risk: solar panels

by:Tunto     2020-03-13
Firefighters across the country are shocked by the prospect of fighting a building fire covered by solar panels, which could create new risks of roof collapse, inability to gain a foothold and even potential electric shock.
Two recent fires involving buildings equipped with solar panels triggered complaints from fire supervisors and called for new regulations and regulations reflecting the dangers posed by cleaningenergy devices. A two-
Last week, a fire broke out at a house in Piedmont, California.
This prompted Warren McLaren, the Piemont fire chief, to say that the technology \"absolutely\" increased the difficulty of firefighters.
A few weeks ago, at N. Delanco. J.
, A huge 7,000 roof with more than 300,000 solar panels
Delanco Fire Chief Ron Holt refused to send his firefighters to the roof of the Diz and Watson facilities, a square-foot warehouse.
William Kramer, New Jersey\'s acting fire chief, told the Star: \"It is very likely that we will not be able to save buildings with alternative energy --\"Ledger. [pullquote]
Experts tell Fox News
The biggest danger from the Com. Panels is that even if they are powered off, they will continue to send voltage from the roof of the entire building.
In traditional buildings, firefighters usually cut off the electricity to the house before entering.
\"First of all, solar panels are designed to generate electricity at any time the panel receives light, and this happens at low
\"The same is true for lighting settings,\" said Ken Willette, spokesman for the National Fire Protection Association . \".
\"Essentially, these are all charging appliances . . . . . . There is a danger of electric shock.
\"Solar panels also frequently use the space that firefighters use for roof ventilation in structural fires and create potentially dangerous conditions for slipping.
\"In some applications, solar panels cover 100% of the roof, which leaves no room for firefighters to operate,\" Willette continued . \".
\"When you operate on a sloping roof, this is not what you want to happen.
Firefighters and construction industry experts say regulations must keep up with as panels become more popular.
Since 2011, the average price of solar panels has fallen by 60%, and the industrial trading group expects that by the end of 2013, the United States will install the system every four minutes on average, it is mainly distributed in California, Arizona, New Jersey and North Carolina.
While the price of solar panels has fallen and efficiency has improved, the United StatesS.
The installation of solar panels still lags behind countries such as Germany, Japan and Spain.
Swedish furniture giant IKEA also recently announced that it will start selling household solar panels in stores in the UK, the first step in bringing the renewable energy boom to mainstream global markets.
A standard system will cost $9,200 including installation and installation
Store consultation.
John smino, spokesman for the solar industry association, told Fox News.
Com said the trading group representing more than 1,000 companies is currently working with Cal Fire and the San Jose Fire Department to improve the response of firefighters to the system.
\"The safety of firefighters is the top priority;
\"We attach great importance to the safety of firefighters,\" Smirnow said . \".
\"They need to know what they\'re dealing.
It is very important for firefighters to understand products.
A 2010 report from the Fire Research Foundation found that solar panels slipping or tripping is a potential hazard for firefighters, and the possibility of roof collapse due to the weight of the panels, these panels are usually made of crystalline silicon or thin-
Thin film semiconductor material.
At the same time, the maximum voltage of most systems is about 600 V, which may result in electric shock or burn.
\"The industry must continue to work with the fire services sector, including educating and updating building codes to meet the needs of firefighters,\" Smirnow continued . \".
\"I think we can make the most progress in this regard.
Smirnow said solar panels have so far considered only the \"few\" fires, adding that the trading group is now in discussions with the national security group to train countries with emergency personnel across the country.
\"We need to know what is best for the fire service community,\" he told Fox News . \". com.
\"What kind of education do they need?
We will then work with them to achieve this goal.
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