for lean budgets, a plug-and-play solar array

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For eco-
Clarian Power believes that conscious homeowners are considering installing solar systems on roofs, but find the cost and complexity daunting. The Seattle-
Beginning Based on Clean Technology-
UP is developing _ plugs-and-
Play_solar equipment is called Solar Fish, which can provide clean solar energy for families.
Chad Maglaque, president of the company, said, \"You take it home and plug it in, just like a refrigerator, and it costs about the same. \"
Today\'s typical roof-
Installed solar power systems start at $10,000, rising according to the amount of electricity generated and the location of the home.
Larger, more expensive systems can meet the energy needs of most households, and even put electricity back into the public grid, basically turning the meters upside down.
Contractors usually install solar power systems and hand them over to the owners at any time. -to-use condition.
An electrician will connect the system to a home distribution panel through an inverter, which converts the DC generated by solar panels into AC power for lamps and appliances.
Clarian hopes to simplify this process by using his patented Microsoft. -
Inverter, no special panel or circuit is needed.
In fact, they say, a convenient homeowner can build a sunfish in less than an hour without a contractor or an electrician.
The company expects to retail an introductory kit with solar panels for $799.
The system can handle up to five solar panels and purchase additions. -
On the kit, this will bring the retail price to $3,000 to $4,000.
Insert Clarian Micro-
Inverters, which they call power modules, any power outlet that enters your home, usually an outdoor outlet.
Connect up to five solar panels to the power module.
The panel can be installed anywhere in the house, with the best sunshine.
Finally, by inserting Kit_s Circuit Monitor into any socket, Sunfish will start to power the solar energy. -
Generation goes directly into the household power system.
Sunfish is wi-Fi-
When enabled, homeowners can use desktop software (such as Google\'s power meter) to monitor system performance.
As a security function, the circuit monitor will shut down the system if the public power grid is cut off.
Clarion does not expect sunfish to meet all the electricity needs of ordinary households. According to the Federal Energy Information Administration, the average monthly power consumption is 920 kWh.
Clarion estimates that the largest solar fish kit, with five solar panels, will generate 150 kWh of electricity per month.
However, it starts at $799.
Maglaque hopes to find a good place where the homeowner\'s desire to reduce household energy bills will match his or her budget.
_ He said, It\'s about slowing down the meter and making an impact, He said, Don\'t let the meter run backwards, because if that\'s your goal, you\'ll spend $30,000 to $40,000, which not many people can afford.
_ 157; Industry observers such as Dave Cavanaugh, a senior analyst at Pike Research, praised the effort, whether Clarian_ could catch the sunfish or not.
He believes that as the United States upgrades its old energy grid system to SO, innovations aimed at reducing household energy use will play a role. -
It is called smart grid.
_ He says products like this are a good first step to getting people to use less energy from the grid and start thinking about how to use energy more effectively.
However, before products enter the market, the ingredients of sunfish must be tested by the insurer\'s laboratory to prove that they are safe to use at home. This process is carried out by Mr.
Marglak admits it\'s not a trivial matter.
If all goes well, Clarion expects the sunfish to be on the market by spring 2011.
Large retailers such as Costco and Lowe_s have expressed interest, as have some power companies in the Northwest.
He wants utility companies to promote their products to homeowners because they are energy stars, compact fluorescent lamps and other energy-saving measures.
At the same time, the scientific and technological community has also noticed this.
Sunfish is the Semi-Finalist of the Pacific Northwest Region of the Cleantech Open, a business competition in which regional winners compete for grants in national competitions.
In another financing competition that began last month, Sunfish is also one of GE\'s most voting rights for the Eco-Imagination Challenge. Here’s a how-
Video submitted for the Eco-Imagination Competition.
How can climate change, scarcity of resources, population growth and other challenges reshape society?
From science to business, from politics to life, our journalists are paying attention to it. -
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