ford is making a concept car with solar panels for a roof

by:Tunto     2020-03-24
Superman and Ford C-
What do MAX Solar energy concept cars have in common?
Both get energy from the sun.
Will be unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas next week.
MAX Solar Energi offers new hope for owners who want to get out of the grid. Ford\'s C-
Maximum solar energy using the roof-
Solar panels were installed to charge its electric motors, enabling the car to travel 21 miles on solar energy alone. Like the C-
MAX Energi, C-based concept car-
Max solar energy Energi use plug-in
Hybrid system.
But C-
MAX Energi plugged into the wall-
C-installation unit
According to a Ford press release, MAX Solar Energi inserted a unique canopy designed by Georgia Tech.
Ford said the canopy, which includes a Fresnel lens, has increased the impact of the sun\'s rays by eight times.
The car itself can be repositioned autonomously throughout the day in order to make use of the position of the sun when crossing the sky.
\"Solar power generationpower]
Independent [technology]
Mike tinsky, Ford\'s global director of automotive electric and infrastructure, told Huffington Post, \"We \'ve reached the point where we can drive cars individually using solar technology every day . \".
In the case of C-
Maximum solar energy Energi, car, can be 8-12 KW hours
Electricity hour under the canopy--
According to Ford, enough energy is enough to fill the car\'s battery pack with the sun of the day.
C-the most obvious change
MAX solar energy (
Compared to its plugin C-
Corresponding MAX Energi)is the roof-
Installed solar panels developed by SunPower.
\"The panel is very light.
Tinskey told Huffington Post that they didn\'t look that thick, adding that he guessed the system would only give C-
Maximum solar energy.
Ford is currently working with SunPower Corp.
In its \"green life\" program, the program installs solar systems into the homes of Ford customers so that they can charge the plug
Ford Fusion and C-
MAX Energi vehicles using solar energy or Ford Focus electric vehicles.
The representative told Huffington Post 2. 5-
The installation cost of the KW system is $10,000, although Tinskey revealed that Ford will restart the program at a new price point in the coming weeks.
Tinskey will not comment on the cost of C-
If Ford turns cars from concept to reality, MAX Solar Energi.
Instead, Tinskey said he thought the car was more of a \"starter to the conversation \".
\"But customers can buy like C-
Solar energy Max-
It is likely that electric vehicles will continue to maintain dialogue, not reality.
This article has been updated about C-
Battery pack for maximum solar energy Energi.
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