French farmers say wind turbines and solar panels have killed hundreds of their cows

by:Tunto     2020-02-12
French farmers say wind turbines and solar panels have killed hundreds of cattle.
A farmer in Perth.
Brittany\'s d. armor even filed a lawsuit against an unnamed company over the mysterious death.
Farmers in the area began to notice that their animals were losing weight and many died later.
But the vet did not know what caused the death of the Cowboys, and because they did not have any disease, the farmers tested on their land.
The checks, they claim, show that too much power has been released to the ground by wind turbines and solar panels, which are slowly killing their animals.
According to euro1, local farmer Patrick Le Nechet said the mysterious death began with the installation of a new batch of photovoltaic solar panels.
He found that there was more than a Volt in the ground and water.
Three times the animal acceptance threshold.
Le Nechet told French radio Europe 1: \"They lost weight and we lost 120 in five years.
Even if the vet does not know what to do, it cannot be explained.
\"There is a lot of direct current entering the Earth.
When we see that all the animals are dead, it is untenable.
Cattle farmer stephane Le Brechec from Allineuc is 18 miles from Cote
Amor lost more cattle and claimed his 37 beasts had died in just six months.
He says he has lost 200 cattle over the past few years due to antenna Transformers and turbines.
Thibaut Bouchut, a building consultant for the health Defense organization, said humans can withstand three times more electricity than cows.
Bouchut tollle progress: \"The resistance of the human body is 1,500 ohms, while the cows are only 500 ohms, not to mention that they are not separated from the ground by the rubber sole.
Breeders don\'t always know about electrical interference, sometimes it seems
The unexplained problems they face are holding them back, even if they are capable.
So the farm was closed.
Two years ago, another French farmer from rooneval de Thorn claimed that the current generated by a transformer in an industrial unit caused his animal to get sick.
According to French media reports, farmers near luval in western France also reported the loss of animals near the turbine.
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