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by:Tunto     2020-04-27
Take advantage of the cheapest energy-
This summer, solar and mobile fruit suppliers at the regional headquarters in Krishna have improved their business on the sidewalk.
Fruit suppliers now rely mainly on solar energy and they hire solar lights provided by the town
Solar service based on leasing.
When the sun goes down, visitors can see the solar energy singing on the fruit, mainly mango and banana
There are carts on both sides of the town\'s main roads.
In order to solve the power problem of mobile suppliers, many institutions introduce solar energy in the fruit and vegetable market, which makes the supply of solar energy have a good income prospect.
\"We offer two
In his evening, the light bulb that works with solar energy.
V. Of Gupta Solar Service said: \"It was collected the next morning to charge for the evening . \"Nancharayya.
He has expanded his business to about 20 customers and has handled every repair light or extra lighting call he receives from his supplier. Like Mr.
Even in the city of Vijayawada, several solar service agencies have developed their markets.
\"Each lamp can work 8 to 10 hours and we have to pay rent Rs for that. 25 a day.
No matter where we use the lights or even in the house, it has nothing to do with the supplier.
When moving from place to place looking for customers is inevitable, this energy model is supplier-
Friendly at the lowest price, \"K said.
Mobile push mango seller Siva Prasad-cart.
Nevertheless, since the solar power generation agency boils down to the supplier, it only saves the time for small business people.
As far as mango vendors are concerned, the emergency light is a perfect tool. “The yellow-
When the reflection of light falls on the fruit at night, the fruit looks more yellow and fresh.
This will obviously attract tourists.
It can also be carried easily, just stand and push-
Y, another mango vendor, said. Maheswara Rao.
It was the small business community that easily solved their electricity woes in small towns by finding ways to prosper their business.
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