how solar panel highways work

by:Tunto     2020-02-27
Disadvantages of solar panel highways, roads made of solar panels sound like a good idea and may make the country really rely on solar power for power generation;
However, how feasible is this plan?
First of all, it will be quite expensive.
The construction cost for each panel is about $7,000, and the plan requires billions of dollars to be used for [roads]
Source: Telegram. co. uk].
The installation takes a lot of time and money, and it takes a lot of time and money to train the staff to properly maintain it.
Most likely, it will take several years for the panel to generate electricity to recover its own costs.
For this reason, the company suggested a smaller scale
The scale project is the best start.
There is also the problem of durability.
Our roads are heavily punished by cars, trucks, motorcycles and tractor trailers, not to mention the fact that they may be damaged in traffic accidents.
How will these glass panels deal with this punishment?
If we rely on solar cells to get traffic signals and power from electric vehicles, what happens if the sun collector is damaged?
In addition, the cost of repairing these solar panels may be higher than the cost of repairing ordinary asphalt roads.
The company says it can take advantage of a self
Clean the glass to remove dirt and dirt, but the process has not been confirmed.
Then there is the big problem of solar energy: cloudy days.
At present solar technology efficiency is very low-
In fact, most solar panels can only convert about 14% of the available energy into electricity.
Source: Northwestern University.
In days when the sun is not readily available, such as the long winter in many parts of the country, you have to wonder where electricity will come from.
That\'s why solar energy is considered to be just a renewable energy source, not the only one. -
It\'s hard to rely on.
Despite these shortcomings, there is no doubt that the solar panel Highway is a unique and groundbreaking idea.
This is a kind of thinking we need to do so that we can get rid of our dependence on fossil fuels and embark on a greener path.
Friendly power supply.
So, in a few years, you might find yourself driving a glass solar panel, not a asphalt.
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