how the world sees solar panels efficiency

by:Tunto     2020-03-10
In the past 150 s, many changes have taken place in the world.
Significant progress has been made in machinery, medicine, technology and overall knowledge.
However, there are also some negative effects in the era of rampant industrialism.
Even with rapid development, humans do not rethink the adverse effects of the use of machines and fossil fuels on the Earth\'s natural balance.
Today, scientists are concerned about how fast climate change is going and how the toxicity of the atmosphere has risen.
Thankfully, the same technology channel provides us with some of the best photovoltaic solar panels and turbines to help us get energy from nature.
The question here is-are we trying?
Since Charles Fritts, an American scientist, invented the first photoelectric battery in 1883, the efficiency of solar panels has improved a lot.
Up to 50% and 60% efficient batteries today;
Convert the available sunlight into clean electricity.
Small solar panels are also much cheaper than before, as production and manufacturing processes have been developed and modified to meet a wide range of needs.
With different types of batteries, solar energy can be used to power electricity from industry to satellites, to the torch or laptop.
This open Avenue to freedom and ecology
Friendly Power is still in its infancy;
But the future looks bright.
Scientific institutions price different types of power units based on the rating of photovoltaic solar panels.
Housing solutions that integrate \"green\" solutions into their systems are subsidized by the government.
Companies can also request similar subsidies for the development of renewable energy.
The price of solar components is based on this rating standard.
Of course, the better productivity, the higher the rating, the higher the ratio, the greater the price tag that comes with it!
Compared to the best photovoltaic solar panels of the day, the scope of the future seems to be quite different.
One of the more costly solutions to today\'s global power crisis will be tomorrow\'s shared resources.
Even small solar panels may cost more than most people can afford now.
Science, however, is constantly changing and rethinking strategies.
There are many ways for people to find simpler solutions.
The best solar panel manufacturers are looking for some unique solutions to increase productivity from the same modules available today.
Dyes and chemical films-simple crystalline silicon plates can maximize the current rating of photovoltaic solar panels using special chemical enhancing agents.
There are various methods involved based on chromatography and electricity.
Scientists are working to invent better chemical film and hair dye to improve the basic efficiency of solar panel power generation.
Nanotechnology and bioengineering-recently, MIT students from the United States announced how they invented a panel with an overall efficiency of more than 60% (
Under the best conditions).
Improve the power generation capacity of simple panels by using integrated engineering viruses and nanotubes.
If the efficiency of solar components can be improved to such a high degree, their prices may drop rapidly.
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