how to build your personal solar panels for your home

by:Tunto     2020-02-14
Using the energy of the sun can easily build a solar panel and convert it into electricity.
It sounds very advanced, but the fact is that it is very easy to build your own solar panels for your home.
Many companies make solar panels for your home, it can be very highpriced.
But again, some people want to make their own solar panels because they want to save money.
The solar panels in your home can generate enough power to heat the room, heat the water in the indoor swimming pool, and keep the electricity, thus reducing the cost of power up to 50%.
After the installation, you are no longer obliged to compensate for the electricity bill, but are paid to you by the power company.
So, so you can be sure that the toxins from the power company will be reduced and will not cause damage to Mother Earth.
Building your own solar panels for your home basically follows the following simple instructions: 1.
| The following is the material for solar panels: Copper Flash rays per panel are about $5 per square foot, metal sheers for cutting copper sheets, 2 crocodile clip leads, sandpaper/brush attached to the drill, micro
Electricity meter, electric furnace, tap water, 2li clear plastic water container and 2 tbsp salt. 2.
Cut copper sheet with metal sleeve.
When doing this on a sharp side, using gloves can hurt the hand, which also prevents the body from sweating with oil and acid, resulting in corrosion.
Cut the paper into a size that is a few millimeters more or less than the electric furnace burner. 3.
By brushing off the copper sheet using a wire brush or sandpaper, the corrosion/sulfide in the copper sheet is eliminated.
Open the electric furnace to the highest setting and place the cutting piece on it. 4.
When the metal is oxidized from high temperature, try to see its color.
It is observed that when the color is dark, the coating of black copper oxide is formed.
Set the copper sheet to an extra hour or so under the heat of burning to get a thicker coating.
After turning off the stove, cool the sheets on top of the burner. 5.
When the copper piece cools down, you can see the thick black coating falling off.
Once completely cooled, rinse with tap water to remove the black coat, but do not bend or rub the sheets.
Only with the pad of the hand can we avoid damage to the metal. 6.
The neck of the 2 liter plastic bottle was cut off, leaving a huge opening.
Cut another piece of copper with a size exactly matched to the previous one.
Bend the sheets together so that they can manipulate the opening and any side of the container without difficulty.
Don\'t let the metal plate meet. 7.
Specify a crocodile clip on each sheet.
Assign unheated paper to the micro positive terminal
The ammeter and the ammeter heated to the negative terminal. 8.
Heat the water from the faucet and melt the salt.
Pour the salt mixture to make sure there is room on the water.
Observe the position of the ammeter in the sun.
Congrats, you have just built your own solar panels for your home.
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