How to Fix a Solar Light

by:Tunto     2020-04-23
A nice-looking solar light can be a great addition to your backyard or yard at home.Like all electronic devices, they worked for a long time before breaking down.Here are some tips to get them to work again.
The solution to any problem lies in its evaluation.In this case, this is exactly what we need to do.To know what\'s wrong with your sun light, you need to know what makes it come out.
The outer shell protects the equipment inside.The glass at the top is designed to allow the photovoltaic cells to absorb all the sunlight and allow the LED to shine effectively in the dark.Depending on the model you choose, the photovoltaic cells may be inside the glass or at the top of the case.
The LED is under the glass housing, inside a cylindrical glass, designed to reflect the light clearly in all directions.It is connected to the battery and light sensor.The battery in the Solar lamp is usually a single AA NiCad battery.
They are rechargeable and very good for work like this.As long as the sun shines on the sensor, the sensor is just a simple optical resistor that can cut off the circuit.When the day is dark, the sensor stops, the circuit between the battery and the LED is completed and lit.
Everything is installed under the top cover as a unit.Now that we know what\'s in solar, we can fix it.Probably the easiest way to solve your problem.
Sometimes dust and dirt build up on the top of the LED, dimming, or sensors, causing the LED to fail.Another problem with the sensor is that if the transparent coating on it is not top level, it will slowly become opaque due to direct exposure to the sun.The easiest problem to solveClean the battery contacts and replace the battery in the case.
The problem here is that you really don\'t know which one to blame.You can replace the sensor only to achieve led fuse or the opposite.You can solve a problem with the sensor, which may help you to make a decision.
The problem with Solar lights is that, even in an attractive situation, most of them are made cheaply and sold cheaply.But the essence of buying a solar lamp is to reduce a person\'s carbon footprint, so it would be nice to fix this instead of buying a new light
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