how to make the switch to solar electricity

by:Tunto     2020-01-15
It may be time to install some solar panels on your roof to cope with the electricity bill going through the roof.
Below is a brief guide to solar panels and solar power generation systems.
How does the solar panel work? Photovoltaic (PV)
Cells convert sunlight directly into electricity.
Today, thousands of people use the process by using solar photovoltaic systems to power their homes.
According to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, solar panels for homes are made up of about 40 solar cell modules.
An average of 10 to 20 solar panels per household.
What are the benefits of solar energy? The U. S.
The Department of Energy reports that most solar power systems typically pay for themselves in four to five years.
They can last for 30 years and increase the value of your house.
There are also incentives for solar installations in the United States and states.
Find out what tax credits and utility rebates are available in your state.
Then, turning to solar power is good for the environment.
Solar power generation systems reduce greenhouse gas emissions and their dependence on fossil fuels and foreign oil.
How can I decide which solar panel to buy?
There are two main types of solar panels: polysilicon and film.
DanBedell, executive vice president of marketing and corporate development at Principal Solar, said, keep in mind that while film panels may be cheaper than silicon --
They usually produce less power.
When choosing a solar panel, Badel said pay attention to the price calculation per watt (
Divide the price of the module by the number of watts it is rated for production).
You should also consider your location, the amount of sunlight you receive at home, and the average temperature in your area.
\"The best module in Boston may not be the best module in Phoenix,\" said Badel . \".
When you pick a system, other factors to consider include your budget, the space available for solar panels on your roof or yard, and the extent to which you want to offset conventional power with solar energy.
Can I install the panel myself? No.
Mr. Badel said it was not a matter of installing solar power systems. it-
Your own project.
You need a licensed electrician or a certified solar installer.
Advisory Council of Certified Energy Practitioners in North America (NABCEP)
Get a list of certified system installers.
Ask any solar distributor or installer if he or she handles tax incentive documents.
Your system needs to be maintained to a certain extent.
Check out the topic notes in the system manual so that you understand these requirements.
Make sure to check with your city, county or homeowner association to see if there are any restrictions and if a license is required before installing the system.
Your installer should be able to help you.
The installation works are important for the functionality of the system, said Badel.
\"Direct very high quality hardware installations in the wrong direction, or partially
\"Shadow areas can lead to worse power production than directing very low quality hardware installations in the right direction and where there is no shadow,\" he said . \".
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