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by:Tunto     2019-12-07
The Dade County decree requires night lighting at the airport parking lot.
This poses a problem for Miami International Airport, which launched parking construction as part of the expansion project last fall to deal with increasing traffic.
The building makes hard line lighting impractical.
In order to provide light without electricity, the security department took advantage of the power of the sun.
The facility is $2.
5 billion the expansion includes the addition of moregates, docks and parking lots.
Due to the project, the airport authorities are expected to accommodate 48 million passengers per year, almost double the current number.
Six parking lots are expected to provide 7 million square feet of terminal space and 148 gates.
There are currently four parking spaces at the airport.
In addition, some buildings are smaller in size.
In the ongoing construction project, which is scheduled to be completed in 2005, two parking lots are being connected.
Some parking lots had to be relocated temporarily while others were relocated permanently.
Street lighting takes weeks to install, including complex lines that cannot be installed due to construction.
The solution is a portable SolarPal safety Street Light sold by Miami solar outdoor lighting.
The lights include two solar panels, a battery pack and a computer. -
All installed in 18-foot pole.
Solar cells absorb the sun\'s light and turn it into electric energy.
The lights also store energy and can provide up to five days of electricity without direct sunlight.
These lamps meet the requirements of building codes and can be installed in a fraction of the time required for traditional lighting. Three-
Compared to six, the sidewalk trench was dug to install the lights
Foot ditch for permanent lighting.
The emergency light is considered portable, but due to the fact that the Poles are sealed on the ground with cement, it does need to be repositioned.
There are some drawbacks to Solar lights.
They must be mounted on the polesno at a height of not more than 18 feet and the permanent light is 30-feethigh.
The Solar light is lower because the electrical light has a working power of 39 watts of versus400 Watts.
In order to achieve the same lighting effect, the airport management department must install more lights with a distance of 20 to 30 feet, while the spacing of standard street lamps is 40 or 50 feet.
The price of the Solar lamp is $2,850 per lamp, which is more expensive than the ordinary lamp, and, as explained, more Solar lights are needed to cover the same area.
However, given the high installation cost of permanent lighting, the total cost of solar lighting is attractive. Long-
The long-term maintenance cost of both types of lights is the same.
In addition to solar panels, the cost of parts is also comparable.
The cost will be higher if the panel is damaged
It is more effective than replacing solar panels separately.
None of the solar lights at the airport caused any damage.
The lights have been running for six months without any problems.
The airport plans to use solar lights indefinitely to illuminate other parking lots that can only use portable lighting.
According to Lonnie Lawrence, airport security director, the lights have been around for a long timerange benefits.
\"There are always a lot of buildings going on,\" Lawrence said . \".
Airport officials believe the lights are good for the environment.
As Lawrence explains, \"the fact that we are recycling is a good example.
For more information: Mark Lamb, vice-
President, Sales and Marketing, Solar Outdoor Lighting Co. , Ltd. , 407/286-9461.
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