living solar panels printed on wallpaper harvest sun\'s energy by photosynthesis

by:Tunto     2020-02-24
A new type of super
Thin solar panels made of creatures can lead to the next
Researchers say power generation devices that can be manufactured on home printers.
The team of scientists from Imperial College London and Central Saint Martin also created a creature in London.
Use micro solar panels
A creature called Blue bacteria that uses photosynthesis to get energy from the sun.
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Shelf inkjet printer.
Potential applications of these organisms
Solar panels include paper
Diabetes monitoring and air quality sensors like wallpaper. The solar bio-
Batteries are part of a new type of renewable energy research called microbial biophotovoltaic (BPV)
Turn light into electricity using blue bacteria and other photosynthetic algae. The bio-
Solar panels can be disguised as wallpaper.
Imperial College Londonthe-
Shelf inkjet printers significantly reduce the cost of producing BPVs and make it easier to expand the technology.
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Independent Facts. Fiction“Paper-
Bpv-based technology is not intended to replace traditional solar cell technology.
Large-scale power production, but can be used to build a disposable and biodegradable power supply, \"said Andrea Van Tuzi, one of the researchers.
Author of the Department of Life Sciences, Imperial College London.
\"Their low power output means that they are more suitable for devices and applications that require a small amount of and limited energy, such as environmental sensing and sensors.
\"This study is in see-
With solar cell technology, you can see that windows, mobile phones and other objects with transparent surface are converted into solar panels.
Wallpaper of creatures
Solar panels can also be used to monitor air quality at home.
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Thin solar panels can enter commercial applications, such as transforming skyscrapers, in the next few years.
The technology offers a promising path to cheap, widespread adoption of solar energy on previously inaccessible small and large surfaces.
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The bpv-based products developed by researchers still have a way to go before they are commercialized. the current scale is equivalent to thatit note.
The next step is to enlarge them to A4-
Size the device and follow this proofof-
The conceptual challenge will be to create a stronger, more durable and stronger panel.
\"We think our technology can have a range of applications, such as acting as sensors in the environment,\" Marin Sawa said . \"
The author is from the Department of Chemical Engineering, Imperial College London.
\"Imagine a piece of paper --
Disposable environmental sensors disguised as wallpaper can monitor home air quality.
When it is done, it can be removed and biodegradable in the garden without any impact on the environment.
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